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  1. Thanks for putting me on the list. Now I don't have to read your nerdy obsessed ass crave my attention again.
  2. Go play your Counterstrike, nerdboy, and get off my nuts. Quoted post Oh, yeah, I'm all over your makros-wannabe-banned-4-times-from-a-graffiti-message-board-and-yet-still-comes-back nuts And I will go play Counterstrike. Quoted post [/b] Yep, you are definitely a nutriding faggot. Been begging for my attention for weeks now. Of course, who would expect anything less from a Counterstrike nerd.
  3. white guy: "dude, this is like the streets bro, everything goes... totally" mexican: "ehhhh holmes fuck him up frankie" black girl: "ay girrrrll i know yo azz got dis shit on video camruh! knowhuti'msayin!"
  4. hahahaha about the high socks thing, although dude had on nike cortez. most vatos in cali be wearing that.
  5. Once upon a time I litigated hop-scotch players in form-fitting cybernetic suits. Then this one dude came up to me and asked me "Hey man where can I find the unicorn informant?" So I told him it's behind the lillypad at Lilly's pad. He said no I thought it was at Maxine's pad behind her stash of maxipads? I said you might be right, so I gave him phosphorus foam filled with asbestos crumb cakes while whales played frisbee while watching Boomerang staring Eddie Murphy. Then I he gave Eddie a murphy when he pulled his pants trying to dance in an afghan in Afghanistan. The moral of the story is ne
  6. yeah, those kung fu stances are not necessary in a real fight. that's only textbook stuff for maintainging form and shit in a class. no real knowledgeable kung-fu guy is going to fight like that. We all seen it several times in UFC. That shit don't fly when a grappler is about to take you to the ground.
  7. Actually I was pulling for the white dude, because I'm tired of Mexican cholos that can't fight running their mouths. But that doesn't take away from the fact that he did a faggoty stance and flailed his arms and got a lucky punch. There was no form when it came to throwing blows.
  8. keep 'em comin' zombie... all nice... some of those pieces and characters at the Yokohama wall is old as hell... like mid 90's... 94, 95, etc... alot from when CBS came out there in the mid 90's. i hope nobody goes over those. but they will eventually be gone over. i wish people would respect old landmark shit.
  9. why did you call it mongolia? i was looking at it but most of mongolia is like countryside and villages, and aren't mongolians asian? yeah but they're kinda far behind. this isn't even 80's, this is like 70's with the dots and sprinkles and shit. i'm guessing someone picked up a Subway Art book and thought the shit was brand new.
  10. invasion of putrid lucrative mutants from corpus cristi having sex like mork & mindy, porky pig be a muslim therefore he can't be a cannibal, animals, urinals at funerals isolate hydration probes with strobe lights surrounding the globe, ignite neurotic concocted chemical legible medical levels, hetero rebels formulate underlying emasculate laxatives, vicarious aryans engage in alternate vortexes with robin hood and his merrymen, universal rehearsals, homicidal recitals, liable rivals support revival, schisms in rhythms of lizard tongues, defecation born in vicinities lacking elation, be p
  11. I need to buy some more Cycle for the fish tank.
  12. Go play your Counterstrike, nerdboy, and get off my nuts.
  13. i was in SF this past week... here's some shit i caught: came across this in the subway. i know this slowpoke guy posts here... buffmonster
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