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  1. think about how much money that dude would make if he made a video of that shit!!
  2. dude.. you must be rich ass folk.. cuz i see thoses DVDs over there. unless you rack half your shit you must be rollin on a mound of money.. P>S> please make your own markers. .and if you do please show em
  3. you asked for it all.. heres a bunch of those flix u couldnt see before and alot more... hope you enjoy.. i dont even think the dude that writes this knows wut it says^ theres a metal revs tag on the other side of this one^ i love this peice.. dudes got crazy style^ im diggin this guy.. i love those letters on the left.. thats all for now.. ill get more of the northside canals up soon..
  4. europeans are all messed up.. no more street bombing.. just goofey little people with montana paint.. that dudes acually alright at those little peolpe but wut he does is part of that strange, french culture.. i dno i prefer street bombing and throwups
  5. hey about those flicks from the channels... ill get out there this summer and get mad flicks.. although the graff is in a chill spot thers sum pretty dop shit in there.. if u want sum bigger pics of those i got a couple and ill post em soon.. sorry they were so little.. arel u need to get up in clifton.. siek is gona get up high this summer so lets raise the bar..
  6. the thing is about cern.. ya never nkow anymore.. cuz like.. he could be a total fruit or sumthin.. or really cocky.. his handstyles are great but his peices arent at all new.. those styles that he bites off of have been bitten off of other guys that dont even know who theyr copying.. cern good i guess but id like to meet him so i could maybe respect him on a more human level (or maybe hate him cuz he could be a bitch).. id just like to see more ppl goin all out like him so that the bar could be raised.. id be bombin my streets everynight if ther was som1 to compete with or atleast som1 else.
  7. these are a buncha flicks i shot in heavens gate.. by norwood i guess.. ther alrite but its a chill spot so nothin really interesting ya know.. p.s. cerns alright i just think hes gettin a bit lazy.. suddenly he exploded with atleast 100 tags on my streat.. markers.. paint.. paint sticks.. everything.. and now hes gone.. havent seen a new tag in weeks.. hes gotta get up more consistantly like tesk.. gamble.. syer and all those guys.. i go up to clifton hights by U.C like once a week and their killin shit up there.. i meen its almost nasty how much shit they got.. by the way - does IOK
  8. i though id be nice to see sum live bombing and shit.. so heres a couple i got.. thats like 40 feet^ thats all for now.. ill have more later on
  9. fuckin cern just got up everywhere in my neighborhood (cincinnati-close to UC).. like everybuildin he just popped up.. nuthin good though.. all tags.. i think he might have been drunk.. anyway he was taggin with this guy sem who writes really big ugly bubble letters.. i dno wut thats alla bout.. ill get sum flicks on here before it all gets buffed
  10. nuthin really.. but its the bitchin game or the universe!! big ups to HALO :freak2:
  11. wow i dont remember the german part of cinci.. all those guys came and left.. that cuz this place sucks.. i cant wait to grab my gear and move to NY.. until then.. whos here.. tesk, syer, gamble, arel, nuronz, cern, IOK, GPK.. cinci graffs all good but there needs to be more.. the cops here dont even pay attention to graff.. so why isnt anyone gettin out there?
  12. anybody know wut GPK stands for.. i assume graffiti --- krew.. i know IOK is Ill Ones Krew.. i need to get outa this place cincinnati graff is so waterd down these days.. fuckin toys everyway u look
  13. this is one i made from a glue bottle.. works fine for me.. i like how u can really squeeze it.. somtimes i cant even read my own work!
  14. i got like .. 30 cans of krylon and rustoleum.. a purple paintstick, some brake fluid, a couple home markers..aome rit leather dye.. kiwi mops.. some woodcraft markers.. little ink marker i found at school. a couple paint markers.. this elmers glue bottle marker i made and a 16oz shampoo bottle marker i made.. plus i got san andreas and a sticker i got from Kris Prolls wen i was in france.. http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y173/siek1/stock.bmp
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