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  1. wesley .. im confused.. im not sayin IO doesnt get up.. im naming specific local artists that bomb the fuck outta cinci. io gess up for sure.. speaking of IOK gettin up.. here goes somthin newww when they nock this building down ill cry.. bringing back culture.. heres some young heads for yah wise.. nice stencil.. not sure who done it :chicken:
  2. i hate to ruin it for you. but i know these cats.. there all posers :haha: unless you were kiddin.. all i wana see is more street bombing more street bombing more street bombing more street bombing more street bombing more street bombing more street bombing more street bombing more street bombing i dont think ive ever seen a gamble throwup before? do they exist? if so please post .. big ups to tesk syer jersi hears nice etc. who keep the bombing seen on lock..
  3. wheres my fucking camera software?! :yuck:
  4. IOK out keepin it fresh... diggin tha colors on that arel.. gamble always gets me hyped-- anyone see those fools up around downtown and such- stupid idiots named sakeIII, flee, mac.. call themselves CTA.. new video by IOK? im hyped if iss true. :king:
  5. hey sombody wana run down a list of every writer in cinci.. little guys too.. GPK post some hears GPK IOK he gets up so damn much! ill post some flicks soon..
  6. yeai saw em.. but ther gone over now.. prolly ripped up as hell too.. theres mass shit.. lots of toys.. but i saw umm.. byon.. and hes alright.. but i forget the others p.s. i hope those new buildings up there get fucked by daring writers.. killin all our nice old buildins.. :yuck:
  7. ma boy syer Cern at work.. from ludlow.. most got buffed already.. more to come later.. :huh2:
  8. im diggin that green over there on the left..
  9. i post lotsa flicks im not like.. up on tesk or whatever.. i just think that this forum needs some more of the guys that are makin it .. like when does lotsa stuff hes good and all.. but thats all i ever see.. im glad u posted those flicks from north side and such.. no beef needed..
  10. post up some tesk, syer IO.. they bomb the fuck outta this place
  11. heres some flix from yesterday.. cern up on vine.. bump tesk and syer dissin a dude for havin a shitty party post some tesk syer ras all the little guys u never hear about!! they still out there masss
  12. some pictures around ludlow from yesterday theseare some old ones from around there..
  13. maybe i shouldnt talk at all anymore.. just post post post :yuck:
  14. saw some nice new graff in northside.. like goin down hamilton and the first street on the left on the right.. and at the intersection. ill get flicks soon
  15. i guess not.. well, where does he get up? im in cincinnati.. p.s. i saw some nice when, syer, cern, tesk throwies blocks and burners today.. gotta get flicks tomorow.. ill post em soon
  16. esioe must not get up to much anymore cause i nevr even heard of him until today.. p.s. i think io could take over this city cause thers so damn many of them.. so why dont i see them up anymore except channels and clifton hights..
  17. heres a shitty flick.. this guys sazi just got arrested.. hes up a lot wer i come from
  18. anybody got old clifton flicks or those around UC.. or even some northside flicks id love to see em.. sombody said they had flicks of CEON and SEK.. please post and i will in return
  19. it looks like a role of film or sumthin ..
  20. whatdoyouthinkyourdoing... i said i was sorry and realized my mistake.. i understand why wat i said made no sense also.. ive seen shit in europe i like.. most of its good.. better than american graff even.. by the way i was mainly talkin paris, france..
  21. alright alright.. i guess your right.. to clarify- i was talking about mainly france.. and i do know that there are many many amazing artists there.. many more than america even. and ive been to germany and i went to france for a day. and to tell you the truth .. i dont really know what im talking about but , ya know, you learn from your mistakes.. but (bottom line) most of those charicters are garbage.. i like throwies and burners the most.. P.S. and im not really into that tech complex graff either.. up to master bait for catchin ma flaw
  22. now i feel bad that i didnt get more good flicks.. wutever i dont really care.. i just wish some people could stop talkin about how i dont have good flicks and post theses flicks that are better then all mine.. i dont mind having bad flicks.. i just wana see some good ones too.. the toys are bringin me down.......
  23. i agree 100% with this guy^^ they should give artsy kids like this a new name.. not graffiti.. p.s. screen printed stickers suck too.. get a life.. or a can..
  24. please... explain Quoted post [/b] everytime i see european art these days its NEVER street bombs or throwups.. wen they get up on trains i see it. but the streets are just like.. i dono.. its pretty much the modern art shit you see in art galleries except its done through graffiti. i respect art in all forms but the stuff that comes out of europe nowadays is really pretty shitty. it seems like EVERYONE is printing stickers and putting them up in the middle of theday. i see a couple flicks that def. deserve respect but other then that its like.. a pink mouse here and a sticker o
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