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Everything posted by myxomatosis35

  1. sf comin through once again.. one of the best scenes in the western hemisphere no question.. -ohio
  2. bump for the freefive.. muze and smith
  3. ROFL AT FAGS FOR EVEN BRINGING THOSE COMICS UP.. so what everybody takes images from mags who the fuck cares! boner ideserves to get beat and naxer is dope and up as fuck p.s. boners throwups and handstyles look good even if he is an internet toy king and naxers throwups are the straight up ugliest things ive ever seen.. BUMP FOR NAXERS GARBAGE GETTING UP
  4. havok krew is also hunting kingdom i spose? RIP true blue
  5. myxomatosis35

    The Bible

    im not feelin this one.. :yuck:
  6. it doesnt matter whether hes good or not.. he doesnt deserve this forum
  7. oooh shit those philly handstyles are dope as fuck
  8. myxomatosis35


    sure name might be an awfull, stupid, ugly, good for nothing, lame, terrible, worthless, graffiti writer.. but atleast hes original!!
  9. easily the dopest crew ever.. in my opinion.. post some sake!
  10. im pretty sure that i saw a bbc car just like that.. from cincinnati..?
  11. no site is to big for heist .. but i say we keep that in the ohio thread.. ohio lost a king not to long ago.. RIP HEISTER ohios illest..
  12. :five-o: Quoted post [/b] everybody in here is so uptight.. i ask a simple question and everyone automaticly things im a cop
  13. oh ok ..i thought ther wer only like 3 members to the cincinnati based bbc.. bringing back culture yall..
  14. who all is in bbc? i know freak dozek and those two^^ hears is kfd im not sure if ive ever seen him write bbc.. but im sure hes down with those cats
  15. ader.. i like the 2nd one .. you can see the movment in the D real well.. i like movment :chicken: :chicken: :chicken: :chicken: :chicken: :chicken: :chicken: :chicken: :chicken: :chicken: :chicken: :chicken: :chicken: :chicken: :chicken:
  16. anybody read the article in the paper today about scribble jam? comments?
  17. oh comon.. sombody step up to the plate pleeeaasee.. and its so close to SJ.. all stolen.. quicknesss... illl oonnnneeessss jersi blackboook hears dozek iok kfd.. i found another gamble throwie.. or closer to it.. arel killin shit.. this one makes me piss maself.. they had to buff it cause that dude was in his underwear.. amaaazing . IOK GPK KFD BBC post up :yuck:
  18. yo he said it not me .. i got nuthin but respek... i just said id never seen a gamble fill in thats all .. and i hadnt.. but now i have thanks to wesley
  19. i hate to ruin it for you. but i know these cats.. there all posers :haha: unless you were kiddin.. all i wana see is more street bombing more street bombing more street bombing more street bombing more street bombing more street bombing more street bombing more street bombing more street bombing i dont think ive ever seen a gamble throwup before? do they exist? if so please post .. big ups to tesk syer jersi hears nice etc. who keep the bombing seen on lock.. Quoted post [/b] ma bad.. so apparently sake isnt in cta.. its a lower c
  20. thats some style though..
  21. Wadup Nicer, whattup Razor, whattup Chino Masta Ace in the place with the bass you know we know.. my man Rican, my man Zorro, taught me how to draw in the yards of the 5 train and the 4 .. KRS one
  22. how old you gotta be to get in yo- young bloodsss gotta get what they neeeeed.. :gaga:
  23. nah man i was talkin about those cta cats man .. umm.. flee.. sake III and mac i grew up on ill ones all around me.. wouldnt ever diss em
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