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  1. Dr Pepper is real good, 1st soda? learn shit everyday.
  2. Ha ha this thread make me laugh... /no pedo
  3. hell yeah sweet, thanks for the heads up just got that micro sd card for my phone. FOR FREE!
  4. nice thread... SpreaDtheFunneL
  5. yeah i got the 360 but wouldn't mind the wii
  6. estaked


    thanks casek looking into PG.
  7. estaked


    slsk ftw and also around here if you use torrents you will get bagged. But i think its the only spot really in the us that actually cares. so that sucks... overachieving bastards.
  8. well i guess fine tip is another story... only markers i would buy are those solid ones.
  9. ooooo he's gangster... but its easy to make some markers.
  10. you mean wwbhd? "what would boogie hands do" and stage 5 clinger what to do just smash or use shovel?
  11. yeah dos XX is real good especially when you go to a nice Mexican restaurant that has them in the 32 oz real MUGS
  12. well we can again... i just like to delete random ppl some times.
  13. The best part of thanksgiving is having my pop's puke in my brand new truck on the two hour drive home and having to smell wine yak for and hour is no cool man not cool. /end rant
  14. holly shit gone like a week and a 10 page thread shows up.... CLIFF NOTES naw never mind i don't care
  15. yeah i think it was cam'ron that started saying it in songs atleats /madNOhomo
  16. titties w/o out nipples just wouldn't cut it, it would be like....
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