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  1. assflea

    Kem 5

    sorry to false post but i just wanted to say i love that causr thats proper burning fireal like that first deftones album.
  2. i cant believe this thread is back again :(
  3. got a year on that? is there film on it?
  4. whats up with these fucking false posts come one guys.
  5. nice back ground but its about the letters. awr frizzle fried him in that department.
  6. i like the one with drips. its a good piece its better than what i can do up to this point, and i understand that drips happen. i get them all the time when i use krylon. but i take the time to fix them. the point that i am tring to make is that this shit is a total joke. all those cans went to the wrong cats. and it pisses me off. drips shouldnt win.
  7. defending champs mce crew sweden in o5 finals. AND MORE DRIPS!!!!! :) what the fuck are they doing there?
  8. od crew netherlands no drips here and this wall is better than the winning wall too.
  9. hold on i just noticed the fench assholes got drips too!! what the fuck?
  10. what are you retarded warfare? those drips were not intentional. look at them. the contest was a joke. completely rigged in my book.
  11. funky fresh freight styles foe-show dawg
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