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  1. man vegas needs to step it up. mostly toy scribbles in that place
  2. dangerous

    Kem 5

    las vegas not the best fick but i was to busy winning stacks!
  3. dangerous


    best buffed perm spot in boston oner!
  4. i have been seeing a few americans biting this guy and gorey really bad
  5. that mone and noxer wall is awesome. love seeing nox burners
  6. wow that pear truck. how simple with sick connections.
  7. some great tributes. any more photos from the HOF before the hurricane rains hit other then this one?
  8. love the off weight lines. so clean too!
  9. lead drew the first one in the early 2000s and guer drew the other
  10. haha those arent zines you dummy
  11. i have watched freight train panels of friends just fade away only after a year even with the new formula cans. its total bullshit. then to raise the prices on such an inferior paint to rusto and spanish montana etc. even that new evolve paint is a way better bang for your buck.
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