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  1. Re: Favorite Children's Books
  2. Re: Favorite Children's Books
  3. Alien

    STD Talk!

    Well this shits affecting me, I have small white bumps on my shit and the right ball is kind of sore.
  4. Alien

    STD Talk!

    Thats what im hoping this shit is....HPV warts...Anyone here ever had them shits burned off?
  5. Alien

    STD Talk!

    Sorry, it's just that you guys are so easy to talk to.
  6. Alien

    STD Talk!

    I think I have genital herpes...or warts and my appt isn't until next week. My nuts hurt on one spot, fuck.
  7. Alien


    droppin' a bunch more later
  8. Alien


    I hope you're a girl.
  9. calm down before I take your girl, mom and sister from you in one visit :rolleyes:
  10. Anybody else know how I feel? I'm not conceited or superficial but I'm just naturally beautiful. Sometimes I'm sick of it..It just seems like everyone expects a little more out of you when you look good. I'm not the metrosexual type either. I dont lather myself in creams and wear expensive name brand clothes. To be honest, I dress sloppy as hell but females are still drawn to me. I'm tired of all the compliments too. Whenever I recieve one now, in my head Im thinking, "Yeah I know bitch, shut the fuck up". And when it comes to bombing, oh dont even get me started. It's nearly impossible to do
  11. Alien

    Summoning UFOs

    haha,i was just about to post this shit too... :shook: :shook: :shook: mms://wm-ondemand.abacast.com/prophet_yahweh/ABCnews1.wmv
  12. Brunettes are the sexiest but Ill take a sexy redhead over one anyday. I like a sexy neck too.
  13. When people leave hair on the soap When people chew with their mouth open When people dont cover their mouth when they cough or sneeze When people talk loud as fuck on their cellphone on public trans. Couples showing affection in public. It's ok to hold hands ;)
  14. Automator f. Kool Keith - A Better Tomorrow Pt.2
  15. Alien

    The Babble

    Pretty wild concept bikes
  16. Alien


    Still rockin these 574's, except mine are grey on grey.
  17. I just seen Fuk Graff, I thought it was pretty tight. Best vid I seen so far(I havent seen many). But Oval strapped? Cmon now, we dont care about that shit. Also if anyone wants to check out Kings & Toys hit me up.
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