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  1. [Flowling.]

    Fuck This Shit Thread - no homo

    I almost forgot about this place. Shit, I might as well continue.
  2. [Flowling.]

    Exclusive Relationship or Promiscuity

    Exclusive. I need to be reassured that myself matters more than my dick. I can hold five hour long conversations on the phone with the girl I'm interested in right now. I didn't even think women could be interesting again, let alone it was possible for me to even stay entertained for longer than an hour on that infernal contraption.
  3. [Flowling.]

    I want to see YOU.

    Nice pose.
  4. [Flowling.]

    Fuck This Shit Thread - no homo

    hmm, ok. your screen name is flowling, kinda like flowing, which reminds me of a period or something. not a very manly screen name, especially when you factor in the characters. also, your location is lost avenue or something. again, sorta feminine i dunno, maybe your just a girly boy. but you also just called it a 'gina i'm still thinking you're a chick now show the tits. Quoted post [/b] ...Funny.
  5. [Flowling.]

    I want to see YOU.

    No, I wasn't talking about any pictures. I haven't gone out of my way to see any to talk about. I was referring to your insults.
  6. [Flowling.]

    I want to see YOU.

    Damn, Gliko is a beast. A certified jackass, but a beast nonetheless.
  7. [Flowling.]

    12oz personals

    Name: Something About Witty. Current Status: Bored to Fuckshit Blvd. and back. Likes: Lip rings, italian hippies, green tea, MOOGLE? (My hero) Dislikes: Cockblocking, buffet sushi, international shipping costs, bad credit Ask Me About: Not asking about whether I'm female.
  8. [Flowling.]

    Fuck This Shit Thread - no homo

  9. [Flowling.]

    THUMPER! (what are you eating?)

    Nothing but warm Coke. It tastes like ass.
  10. [Flowling.]

    Fuck This Shit Thread - no homo

    LMAO. Why does everyone here assume I'm female? What... do I just resonate the huge tits and 'gina vibe? Someone clue me in.
  11. [Flowling.]

    I want to see YOU.

    LOL. Like anybody wants to see my mug here. Good shit though people.
  12. [Flowling.]

    MAJOR Deepthroating skills, holycrap!!, not pron

    ...That was fucking horrible.
  13. [Flowling.]

    $50 iBooks cause stampede...

    Hold the fuck up. ...$50 laptops?! Shitty or not, I probably would have bogarded my way through that croud as well. "Almost entertaining" LOL. Stop trying to be nice.
  14. [Flowling.]

    What were you doing before you came back to check 12oz?

    Running irritating errands.
  15. [Flowling.]

    Possibley the best game ever...