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  1. I almost forgot about this place. Shit, I might as well continue.
  2. Exclusive. I need to be reassured that myself matters more than my dick. I can hold five hour long conversations on the phone with the girl I'm interested in right now. I didn't even think women could be interesting again, let alone it was possible for me to even stay entertained for longer than an hour on that infernal contraption.
  3. hmm, ok. your screen name is flowling, kinda like flowing, which reminds me of a period or something. not a very manly screen name, especially when you factor in the characters. also, your location is lost avenue or something. again, sorta feminine i dunno, maybe your just a girly boy. but you also just called it a 'gina i'm still thinking you're a chick now show the tits. Quoted post [/b] ...Funny.
  4. No, I wasn't talking about any pictures. I haven't gone out of my way to see any to talk about. I was referring to your insults.
  5. Damn, Gliko is a beast. A certified jackass, but a beast nonetheless.
  6. Name: Something About Witty. Current Status: Bored to Fuckshit Blvd. and back. Likes: Lip rings, italian hippies, green tea, MOOGLE? (My hero) Dislikes: Cockblocking, buffet sushi, international shipping costs, bad credit Ask Me About: Not asking about whether I'm female.
  7. Nothing but warm Coke. It tastes like ass.
  8. LMAO. Why does everyone here assume I'm female? What... do I just resonate the huge tits and 'gina vibe? Someone clue me in.
  9. LOL. Like anybody wants to see my mug here. Good shit though people.
  10. Hold the fuck up. ...$50 laptops?! Shitty or not, I probably would have bogarded my way through that croud as well. "Almost entertaining" LOL. Stop trying to be nice.
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