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  1. Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Im not, I personally think both sides a pretty ignorant. I dont know either of you guys so I dont know whos story is true. All I want to know is if you guys know a red head kid named mark
  3. <!--QuoteBegin-Joe Rogan@Jun 18 2004, 04:02 PM I heard X rae has a FAB-U-LOUS! sense of style. A few days ago I saw him wearing this awesome outfit made by Georgio Armani. X ray looked Sleek AND Stylish with his pink tank top, that exposed his massive cleavage. It also showed the pink top of his bra strap that he got from Victorias Secrets, Big n' Busty department. THAT xrays shure got some big ass titties! then he had this matching pink skirt that showerd off those silky soft legs.( Not to mention the fat ass on that that fine muthafucka!! ) The shoes he was wearing, O-MY-GOD LET ME TELL
  4. Ohhh man maybe now we can e beef and we can go over eachothers stuff. Sound good? Quoted post hahah maybe you can get out of the 10th grade frist and actually get up around the city, sound good? Quoted post [/b] I get up, just not in DC, because I dont live there. Nore, Coma do you know a chubby kid name marc?
  5. I don't remember what freights your talking about...help me out a little bit did you ever get fliks of the wall for me?? Quoted post [/b] I just realized what I responded with had nothing to do of what you asked. Ill have the WOF pics like this week.
  6. Ohhh man maybe now we can e beef and we can go over eachothers stuff. Sound good?
  7. Im asuming youre pretty good
  8. rivs getting his bboy on
  9. The VA fraights, and nah It got gone over when I went back, its a practice spot so allot of shit gets put up. Ill have some bombing pics up soon though.
  10. I dont think I was born yet haha. Bump that dbk train, good shit
  11. Did you ever flick thoe fraights you told me about?
  12. Do you know a kid named mark?^
  13. 5iveDee


    damn that rjd2 is intence Quoted post Thanks, but I get alot of shit for it. Everyone thinks its RJD2 or DJR2 or whatever, just R2D2. I didnt even know who they were until people started complaining. I'll post the actuall R2D2 with a real Ghetto Blaster in its middle. Still building the damn thing. Quoted post [/b] The confusion is because of the producer rjd2
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