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  1. Yo wondering if the police have anything on me. right i got grassed by a "mate" fucking wanker anyways he named me as what i had been writing after he got kniked they arrested me at my house few weeks later. they found random sketches (not one saying the tag that they trying to charge me for) they took my trainers apparently they have footprints next to a wall - this wall is on busy street and ive denied anything and said i could have been walked there without knowing it because i duno were it is. - there sending my shoes for forensics (maybe paint particles or sumit lol?) erm ive denied everything they have took my pc from my house (it had just log ins which ive changed passwords and my chat logs off msn dont think it had plans or anything) erm the police told me if i admited this tag they would just give me a caution, aww and im 16 and from the UK and havn't had a caution for any of this shit before and yeah pigs are fucking scum DIE and grasses fucking deserve to die too lame cunts :hatred: LOL anwyays gimmie anything you can think of? cheers
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