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  1. HERTS. Great spots, good style, solo shots galore. Finally a break in the stagnancy.
  2. That Bel tag just made me walk outside and write on something.
  3. If he does he definitely stopped painting
  4. My stolen internet blows, so I'll just see all y'all in county.
  5. I forgot this website existed for a while.
  6. You guys like abandoned buildings, right?
  7. I stole this, hence it's not bogging down your browser.
  8. That TDM in the middle of 90/94/290 last month or so was rowdy.
  9. It's printed in the Tribune. No offense, but I'd be willing to bet money more police read the Tribune than read this website.
  10. http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/blotter/chi-graffiti-webmar26,0,2771305.story
  11. I kind of agree with that Wamp dude. It was exciting to see what would happen in 2008 without this bullshit website holding the 'scene' together in Chicago. Maybe, y'know, kids would paint some rooftops or trains or something. Here's to false hope.
  12. I want to love my city, love my brother... but I just can't hate enough.
  13. I know he's already received plenty praise on this thread, but it hasn't been mentioned that he constantly paints solo even in the midst of scouring an ever growing variety of relatively foreign cities. In an age where Flickr, Myspace (the inevitable) and this website allow for transients to communicate and network with established, 'in-the-know' locals who familiarize (and/or even accompany) travelers with the standards of the area's authority and surveillance, this enigma appears to hop off his route in a new city, blindly conquer an untouched obstacle with undeniably innovative trademark(s) and mosey on to the next locale. This is as primitive and grassroots as it gets in a present dominated by technology. Progression through regression... it's inspiring.
  14. it's really fucking upsetting to see phrite's pieces even get clipped like that.
  15. DABS is one of the most underrated in Chicago. Dude kills it on the versatility tip.
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