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  1. Krakatau

    Eating Organic

    Hahaha, I've just not had the time to swing a proper response, but I think we are closer to the same page than I originally thought. Will try to get something in soon.
  2. I was kinda curious how you get cleared to fight with an open, weeping staph infection. Not a Jardine fan, but that was a BS point deduction. It was clearly an accidental eye-poke, and changed the game for him. Shalorus kicked Varner in the balls three times tonight, and only lost a point on the second.
  3. Krakatau

    Eating Organic

    Hahaha, Spitfire about to get paid slangin' eggs. Good luck on that one man, keep us posted on your failure. Cunt- Nice. Are you using organic fertilizers? I've got two raised beds at the moment, trying a compost tea regiment this year, and am pretty impressed so far. I have one cherry tomato that is trellised rocking out at over eight feet tall. You should look into it. Feeding the soil as opposed to the plant, great results. Super cheap as well, once you get started. I can give you anaerobic as aerobic recipes if interested. Simple enough that I hesitate to even call them recipes. Negates the need to any fertilizers at all. You can incorporate a lasagna system to incorporate organic material (or just alternatively mulch and top dress with compost) You guys should look into Polyface Farms. They are doing some really innovative things with agriculture. As was Masanobu Fukuoka, RIP. We need to work with the natural world in a symbiotic manner, not dominate and stifle it's productivity as we have been.
  4. Cyborg had a 5" reach advantage in that match against a striker. How much of a favorite was Zaromskis? I need to get into betting on this shit. I was disappointed about the Bellator results, I really like Hornbuckle, and fucking hate wrestlers who can't finish.
  5. SMASHBURGER. I thought Five Guys was the biz until I tried it. Their signature burger with either rosemary sweet potato fries or veggie crudites flash-fried and served with ranch cannot be topped. Perfect crust on the burgers, 3/4" thick patties.... damn. Now I'm fucking hungry. This thread is worse than the Food Network, some skilled chefs out there making absurdly delicious looking dishes.
  6. Krakatau

    Eating Organic

    It would take more if we were to raise their actual standard of living to our own, like seven planet Earths or something, old numbers though, from Diversity of Live by Edward Wilson. Angel, you are still installing your own set of pretexts that no one is saying will go down. I personally would hate gardening without my iPod, and have been living what I am preaching for several years, still have plenty of leisure time, no thanks to "corporate" food. The food industry has also replaced our need for food (which we can deal with easily) with crazy health issues (much harder to deal with). No one is saying that we go back to subsistence farming either, still putting words into my mouth. Silly ones, at that. There are lots of options, not all of them even involve growing it yourself and setting fire to your television.
  7. Krakatau

    Eating Organic

    Angel, I just don't think you get it, dude. I never said you are only to eat food that is in season, or I would be fucked all winter long. I also said nothing about moving out of the cities and buying land, none of that is necessary, though I personally am down (though I will keep a place in the city). A normal city-size plot with a house sitting on 60% of it can produce a shitload of food very easily, and the idea that a food garden is going to consume your entire work day is an entirely off base misconception. But you got me, I definitely plan to get chickens. A small rooster-less flock will simultaneously provide me with free super-dank eggs (this is one of those things that really is waaaay fucking better the blackfoot way), pluck pests from my garden, and even fertilize for free. All I have to do is provide supplemental food, water, and shelter. Oh, and fuck owning cows. Goats are much more practical. No, never said anything about time travel, either. I think it is really more an issue of remembering that we don't have our shit together all that well, and that the people who were on the planet before us might have had some good ideas that can be rediscovered, refashioned, and reapplied to today's problems. Kind of arrogant to assume we have all the answers now and that our great grandparents lifestyle couldn't possible be worth paying attention to. They made it out of our economy and ecology being nearly FUBAR'd with the Great Depression and the Dustbowl shit going down. So yeah, the people in the 30's had some good ideas. But no, I don't suggest we live EXACTLY like them. I never said anything about only being able to eat things in your 'food shed", either. What the fuck is a "food shed"? International trade will obviously continue, and I have a bunch of Chilean bananas hanging five feet from my on the counter. I understand the need and the incentive to distribute produce and food in ways similar to those that are currently in place. I am not going to give up oranges anytime soon, nor do I want to see my mangoes disappear. BUT, I understand that they are a LUXURY. For fucks sake, how many other times in human history have you been able to buy a piece of fruit from another CONTINENT like it ain't a thing? I also will not be a part of supporting the detrimental farming practices that the majority of the "exotic" fruit producers use, but will buy the shit out of some sustainably produced WHATEVER they throw my way. Just like I'm still down for tuna steaks even though I currently live in a landlocked state. You got me again on that semantics argument against my Fair Trade stance. Damn. Of course, that overlooks the humanitarian issue of working and living conditions in these areas of concern. Just because falling victim to the system in place may be better for some broke-ass Peruvian than going completely hungry and jobless doesn't make it "fair". That is just fucking weak. That program is in place to ensure more of the money goes DIRECTLY to the people making food. It is a means to cut out the middle men involved. I am glad you like small scale farming. I will diss the shit out of the food industry. Freely, and without hesitance. Check it out: FUCK THE FOOD INDUSTRY. Not for their greedy capitalist way, nor for their mounds of food, but for their complete sacrifice of ethical behavior in order to advance their own comforts. Nor are they feeding every one super cheap, food is expensive as fucking hell, and a lot of the things that are gaining in expense are the things they produce in mass (wheat/flour for instance), we are paying the cost in biodiversity on our planet as they replace dynamic ecosystems with a monoculture of round-up ready poison/food, and there are still people starving to death all over the fucking place. It is not supply, it is distribution and access that is the problem. So yeah, FUCK THE FOOD INDUSTRY.
  8. Krakatau

    Eating Organic

    Damn, ya'll are mad wrong on some of your shit. Organic Produce prices are reflective of the cost that goes into the production, and an organic carrot and a conventionally produced carrot is not the same thing. The quality of your food has a lot more to do with just its taste. Lot's of conventionally produced fruit is fucking dank. Lots of it also tastes like fibrous, watery representations of fruit. How the farming practices impact the world around you MATTERS. I'm not even going to explain why to you. Don't let people's natural proclivity towards being a bunch of fucktards taint your perception the "movement". I mean I know that you're just so fucking anti-establishment that you can't get down on anything that more than thirty people support, but this shit is the end result of a logical and rational approach to life. GMO's are a whole different ballgame all together, so it is important to draw a distinction. They are moving along muuuuuuccccccchhhhhhh too quickly for me to be comfortable with, and risk contaminating the genetic base of some very important (to our current lifestyle) crops. Organic farming can be profitable, and affordable for consumers. You may have to make a couple of lifestyle changes (actually use what you buy and stop wasting shit like I know you do), and it may only be currently justifiable to those who prioritize things such as biodiversity and health, but it is definitely feasible. It can sustain the world's population as well, keep in mind that it is our CURRENT chemically-dependent agricultural system that is rocking with all these starving people everywhere. Oh yeah, it is also causing a lot of the health issues that you have to oh-so-carefully watch your family budget to account for. Grow a fucking garden, feed yourself for nearly free, and provide yourself with the best food available in the season it was meant to be consumed in. Done. Planet saved. Oh, and if you don't like fair trade, then you are probably a douche bag. At least just a little bit of one. Why the fuck would you not want to ensure that money goes to the producers of what you consume as opposed to the network of transportation and distribution companies that shuffle shit all over the world? Will Mackey, the Whole Foods CEO, is a fucking toolbag, as well. And he has handwriting like a retarded six year old.
  9. Re: The gulf coast is fucked I want to see motherfuckers executed over this shit. How the fuck was this allowed to spill for as long as it has? Why the fuck do they not just have the navy torpedo that shit or something? And BP is trying to cap their fucking damages at like $26mil? Helllllllll no. Bankruptcy, jail time, and a foot note in the history books as being responsible for some of the dumbest environmentally devastating bullshit ever to go down in our hemisphere is more than they deserve. Fuck the oil industry a billion times over, and everyone involved in it. All that money and infrastructure needs to be focused on finding and increasing access to alternatives.
  10. Grand Teton's Seasonal 'Lost Continent' is fucking delicious. Double IPA, $8 four pack. Goes really well with Thai food.
  11. ^^^ That sucks so fucking bad. 112 was shaping up to be amazing. I'm curious to see the scrambling to remedy this situation. Sonnen is #1 contender, and he wouldn't be able to fit in a training camp, especially after the gash on his forehead. LHW/ HW super fight for Silva instead? Please? Kampmann is out of his match at 111 with Saunders as well:
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