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  1. yo fo real that shit would be tight but everyone sees shit in a diffrent view....and its not even so much the problem finding a wall large enough..its about writers from another crews paintin with other katz outside there crew...this shit gets me mad..dawg for real honolulu honestly gots a better scene then houston....that fuckn city is only like a ten min walk around the whole damn city...fuck!
  2. there needs to be more writers and crews uniting with other writers to help houston get back on the map versus...if your not in my crew fuck you type of attitude...bring back writer benches...fuck i dont know...just destroy.....!
  3. ...if my name and yeps name are in your mouth we must be doing somthing right. :haha: :haha:.............and its four tags homie.
  4. man your really stupid..you think id want to paint with them?? fuck that. oh yea, id rather have someone else post my shit then go on he re self promoting like a motherfucker. Quoted post [/b] HOW THE FUCK do you think half the fuckn flicks get on this fuckn thread homie...
  5. bet that d-rocks...yall katz stay up!!!
  6. wowzers that was a close one......
  7. poet rh as well....what the fuck is all this..damn i need to start reading the graffiti times...im losing it!!! :hatred: :hatred: :hatred: BETRAYLE KILLS :hatred: :hatred: :hatred:
  8. dope shit...SAN DIEGO you kno they bout it bout it!!!!
  9. NDOE=RH?????? what happend to BK PLAYA FLY....????
  10. damn i miss kali.........ill see yall katz real soon. hey does anyone have them flicks from that big ass writers bench they had a long time ago i think in 2003...that shit was on point...
  11. ey that is my flix shit that was the best shit to hit yale wall along with some ins and KWs back in the days. Quoted post [/b] \ yeah thats back in the day i got a grip of flix from back then ill scan em and post em...
  12. i took it myself when i stopped by the yale wall...ill put you down with the flick i also got that move flick as well..peace
  13. NEXT IS FR..FR.....FR....FRESH!!!!!
  14. yo color here ya go bro this shit is from back in the day...1
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