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Juicy Jay

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  1. Juicy Jay


    no cans of paint would be safe if i was around.......you could probably get a good years supply if you played your cards right
  2. Juicy Jay


    did anyone else see what kanye west said........damn
  3. Juicy Jay

    I cant sleep anymore.

    to get back on a sleeping pattern i usually stay up the whole night then the day and sleep at 10, i stay away from those sugars and caffine......that day fight the urge to sleep utill i get home ...then BAM.......PASSED THE FUCK OUT!!!!
  4. Juicy Jay


    ...Thanks for wasting my time asshole
  5. Juicy Jay

    Watching Conan and posting flicks

    wooooooooooooooooo FIGHT after school beside the apple tree.....you know the one.......
  6. Juicy Jay

    freak that bitch out tone,,

    i'm not a doctor
  7. Juicy Jay


    wow what a fresh new idea!!!!!! wtf was i looking at the other post for??
  8. Juicy Jay

    bachlor party

    ..hahah we want him to fuck a stripper we hire...do we ask her or the service??? is that easier hahha
  9. Juicy Jay

    bachlor party

    i was woundering if any of you guys had or planned a bachlor party and paid for a stripper?.....now my real question is how do you know if you can pay for more .....a friend is getting married and well since he wont be able to fuck anymore women, we'd like to give him a going away present...do i just straight up as the service or the girl if she can give more for a little more....???
  10. Juicy Jay

    selecting roommates

    if three's company has learned me anything is that you should just make sure mr. furley thinks your gay....then everything should be ok...... "Come and knock on our door ... We've been waiting for you ... Where the kisses are hers and hers and his, Three's company too. Come and dance on on our floor... Take a step that is new ... We've a loveable space that needs your face, Three's company too. You'll see that life is a frolic and laughter is calling for you ... Down at our rendez-vous, Three's company, too!"
  11. Juicy Jay


    Like Cartwright, Officer Randy Campbell of the California Highway Patrol had tried the usual means of catching a criminal before turning to the Net. For two years Campbell had been after a graffiti artist who signed his work "G.K.A.E." The tagger's work was displayed on brick buildings and freeway signs all over Southern California, even though the signs were surrounded with razor wire. Campbell, coordinator for the graffiti task force in the state's southern division in Torrance, Calif., says graffiti artists cost the state $200 million a year in cleanup bills. G.K.A.E. was particularly elusive, but Campbell eventually learned that the tagger was a man named Tim Badalucco, whereabouts unknown. The breakthrough came when Campbell discovered that many taggers set up Web sites to display pictures of their graffiti. "When I download pictures of graffiti, along with an artist's name from the Internet, evidence is literally handed to me on a silver platter," Campbell says. But more important, the Net helped Campbell figure out where to find **********. Through a newsgroup for graffiti artists, Campbell learned that ********** had moved on to Seattle, and he notified the police there. Soon the Seattle cops started noticing G.K.A.E.-signed scrawlings. A lucky beat officer in his squad car caught ********** red-handed at a wall, spray paint in hand, signing his moniker to his artwork on a wooden fence at a construction site. Campbell filed for extradition and handed over the downloaded evidence to prosecutors. *********** was convicted of felony vandalism. Campbell has also set up a cops-only Web site that allows officers to log on and see samples of other infamous graffiti taggers who may be on the lam. *edit- for crying out loud, remove the guy's real name!!!
  12. Juicy Jay

    straight edge

    kyle loves heather
  13. Juicy Jay

    Can Gun...

    hahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahah you're gay
  14. Juicy Jay


  15. Juicy Jay