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  1. chiodos - Theres no penguins in alaska
  2. not recently at all, but i got a hooded sweathshirt with on on the back, but its faded to hell
  3. B-Rats all day, 29 palms 11th marines WORD
  4. i guess someone doesnt know what graffiti is........fuck your artcrimes.com & "solid pieces" shit.
  5. bump for geno rockin that GAP hoddie THUGGINNNNNNNNNNN!!
  6. c'mon someone, i know theres writers out here, who can i meet?
  7. *bump* Ill back back in 29 palms in feburary, rollin down to palm springs to look for some spots
  8. To me Seattle, and the Northwest in general is the opposite of what your saying here. There is just as much graff as the average city, but the buff works quicker here than in most areas, and the quality of graff is way below par (generally speaking). For instance, you look at freeway spots or rooftops anywhere else, and people are doing 5 or 6 color peices; here people are doing 2 color, mostly black and white simples, straightletters and throwups. You rarely see multicolor freeway hits. Quoted post [/b] and that makes our graff below par? i rock 2 colors and some inks
  9. thebonefabric


    quality throwup??? what the fuck is a 'quality throwup'? shut the fuck up soundin like a damn toy and shit
  10. sever life velcro oPRAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. i got tons of okinawa flix give me a week or so. Im getting my album sent over...im back in okinawa again
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