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  1. You gotta be kiddin' last time i checked noone was logging in to the mutherfuckin paper.... or subscribin to some magazine... i dont give a fuck about that shit... why fill an already fucked up thread with more bullshit.. post pics, i aint tryin to start no thread beef im just sayin we need more pics less fuckin talk. We all got crazy stories this just aint the place to tell em. Bump Jeloe.. stay up
  2. ...shit froze up my bad fuckin ironic
  3. its GSB its Everywhere.. why no fliks? Quote Thizz "someone has to have some fliks to contribute"
  4. looks like the meter maid in that NAKA flik.. is ordering some chicken chow mein special delivery
  5. ok... so we have all established our opinions on this mural slash... funny thing is both sides have good points... i myself.. dont give a fuck about noone goin over nothing that aint mine... thats like bein mad at two people i dont know for fightin' in front of a mickey'd's or someshit... lets kill this talk about murals gettin dissed unless you got beef with someone for dissin a mural you painted... this thread was kickin ass before this subject... lets face it ... its like a SF tradition or someshit...nearly every mural in the mission if not every mural has some tags over it.... if you want beef with these people for slashin' look for other shit they did and beef.. but beef on the internet is lame.
  6. mah mufucka ASK... we bound to run shit this summer dog... and Yeah BIG BUMP all the RDG homeys... state to state, freight to freight.. destruktion guaranteed
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