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  1. BIG VO!!! those arent new balances on my feet, they are actually rip off new balances from wal-mart that cost a couple pennies and a ball of lint... cheap as fuck, but u get 4 pairs for the price of one pair of new balances... $19.78... i am from chicago, and i see goon stickers once in a great while and was wondring how you got intouch with him, kuz i too, would like to get a trade on. pm me bout it if possible. and about those stickers on ebay, i think thats hella shadey... i mean, if i send you stickers, i expect them to go on a sign, or in a blackbook, or somewhere, but to sell them as a sticker pack, thats just dumb. but hey, who am i to say.
  2. sux to be tommy... just a little some thing form the adventures of the orkid man and pigwolf, rockford illinois
  3. goon squad=ILL shit always impressed, lord breakfast... i love that bolox sticker piece.,.. so fresh
  4. eson, lovin the collabs u got up... thanks.... and big ups, they look great
  5. frost... that el toro with the nugs is funny....
  6. eson, yo man, i got yer package today. much props, i'll try to get them up soon, adobo, and all you uk niggas, big ups.. keep postin, yer shits comin soon
  7. anyone who wanted stickers, i sent them out yesterday, expect them soon.
  8. kean, nice shit. i didnt get yer adress the other day when i was aiming with u. hit me up next time yer on.
  9. yo RWK, i actually got shit from the post office out here when i was resending the envelope that you sent for that pass around project... they quistioned it becuase it said Kill really big on the front and i had to explain that it was a website. they toook it anyways, but be weary. they are watchin... the mail neverr stops!!!
  10. frost, i have only seen one orbit sticker out here and i've lived here my whole life, i have talked to the kid on aim, and i wanna get a trade going, but it seams like he's down, but shows know enthusiasm to actually do it, nah mean? . i dunno. $19.78, next time i talk to him on aim, i'll mention that. see whats up, kuz that shhit pisses me off too. i hate when mugfukers dont hold up on their end.
  11. big ups to chris at robots will kill... his web site index is the $hit http://www.robotswillkill.com check it out... and upload yer $hit.. and give him somethin to do...
  12. kean, that biggie onoe looks fresh, and ima feelin the dirty hairy. u down for a trade? if so, pm me.
  13. alrite, anyone who gave me their adress to trade, i got em out today, but i forgot to pack in collabo's for those whom wanted them, so if anyone wants to collaborate still hit me up with a pm. with yer address kuz i dont have em anymore. -eson? u down for a trade?
  14. i go out day and night... what ever is convientent, alot of people stop and look what you are doing, but its not like any one really cares. they just keep walking. at night, its easier to get those high spots, but day time, is dope to get news boxes, and signs.
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