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  1. rockout


    It's okay I hate fun too...
  2. WE GOT YOU BEAT SUCKA! #6 Quoted post [/b] Hey we got #5 in RVA ... not 1st per capita anymore though...
  3. Yeah, he's still got sick pieces in Richmond, too.
  4. rockout


    Alrighty, here's the most of the old stuff from that spot, and some other shit: And now that it's 4:17, I'm gonna go to sleep.
  5. rockout


    so who knows what happened to that yak reup ? ? production on the side of that train bridge that goest wake an whatever the hell that other shit says, went over?? was it dissed or buffed or did they jus cap it? Someone rollered over both sides of that bridge with brown and then those new pieces went up awhile after that. The shit under the arches of that bridge is still there though, as far as I know. If I can remember my photo dump password, I'll post some pics of that stuff.
  6. that shit is fresh. what city is that last one in though?
  7. wow that cat's got the ill peripherals like no other. did no one else notice that nwa hollow with the n-dub tag? That goes well with the drive by piece. And the "shoot the kids at school" tag on that first page. This thread rules... i wished my first shit was this funny.
  8. rockout

    this bench

    that 3d cursive Slane is the hypeness yo!
  9. haha... rcade eats babies. my friend told me about that one but now I finally get to see it. I like that brotha's handstyle
  10. haha, i'll have to bring an umbrella with me from now on. that enemy of the US shit is ridiculous
  11. those last 2 are dope ass spots. same with that slae one further up.
  12. guner and coma are failing at life right now... beef is dumb
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