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  1. I did them with a stencil, which i cut to make it looked pixelated
  2. Got Starz's pack today and Orkids a couple days before that. Good stuff!
  3. Sent out Starz, La Creme, and canvassed eye yesterday, not sure how long they'll take to get there
  4. My Stuff!! I've got loads of each of these so hit me up if you want to trade. Sorry for the sketchy pics, taken on my webcam.
  5. The guy that does the dominoes is http://www.fotolog.net/wieszax/
  6. Mine for the Dope, cant compete with Kod or Code, good stuff people.
  7. Put me down for the soep battle
  8. Hans, 329 Ninco, Hans, 329, jeus Hans, 329, ninco, jeus Bob, 329, Ninco, DAVe, Yaka, Cornish, Red5, Jeus, Hans, Bore Hans, Roar, Bore hans Ninco, Hans, 329 and Slaif Raek, Jeus, Hans Hans and rojotelefono
  9. Is there any room left in the USA911 battle?
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