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Everything posted by daledondale

  1. fuck robocop , its all about the rice towers !
  2. yo aprils fools mushashi ? good one
  3. sketch for that boi b crusha
  4. the third ables up is fuckin sick wit it ......
  5. when you gotta crease your gear you gotta crease your get up , ironing board o none , shit in county they usually stick theyre jumpsuits under the bed as press to get a nice crease
  6. i dont knwo bout you guys but this is th ebest piece ive seen gosh !
  7. i bet you do ^^^^^^^^ mamalo !
  8. you talkin' about me and skum. yes, yes this is truth. Quoted post [/b] hahahaha naw my nigga you aint no dick rider your crew homie i aint dissin my homies . im talkin bout these poor pathetic excuse for a writers that say theyre only bombers cause legals suck , hahahaha ya niggas make me laugh , graff its all around wether it be stencils pieces bombs throwies stompers 1liners it dont matter all that matters is you do it righ t, so stop y afuckin cryn n do what you gotta , floor tags stickers it dont matter just put 110% behind that shit orale im out siete' tre'ce kings
  9. kode half the time you post it doesnt make sense but i give you props on this one, thast some real shit , half of houstons bombers, bomb cause theyre toy status , they really cant piece thats why they do shitty bombs cause "its illegal"so they say , thats theyre excuse but shit jade n my other crewmates never did good spots with shitty pieces , it was more about quality over quantity . i dont know houston sucks no w p.sth ewhole shakin hands good piecer dick rider thing , TRUE THAT !
  10. is that on 59 ..the ables? man i was gonna buy my car there hahahahahaha
  11. hey skumm where you at ethiopian ass nigga
  12. <object width="425" height="350"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVPRZCWI7ZM"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVPRZCWI7ZM" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" height="350"></embed></object> yeah so i don tknwo bout all this jibber jabber bullshi t, but this videos funny as shit , look at that niggas face son !
  13. wrong. Quoted post that looks like some htown shit to me, kids with their white tees and forces, with new era caps, am i wrong? Quoted post Nah it's austin unfortunately, Kudos is a big name here, stupid wetbacks........ Quoted post why did you throw kudos into that sentence? Quoted post [/b] hahah no shit ol racist ass , i hope that was you gettin beat down
  14. that rapid file shit is awesome , you got anymore files ,music? hit me up coloroner@hotmail.com
  15. hahah fuckin screwed n chopped corridos , nigga thats some grown ass shit ya niggas dont know nuthin bout that , i remember holding th eplay and rewind button on my walk man to hear corridos n techno screwed way back when !
  16. we should start another bench ..
  17. soooooo is that guy raskal serving 10fold or why is it everypiece niggas in tkb hit that boy up , hes been in ther quite sometime well th ewall looks good when ya boys gonna invite a nigga to go get down wit ya
  18. ^^^^^^^oh shit!!! the cracked out version of peewee herman^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  19. yo i have a copy of kings n toys a friend in london hoke me up if anyoen wants a copy holla , its an ok video i only liked it cause of the mode 2 session
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