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  1. alive annnnd well.. stackin stacks...............gettin a ridiculous amount of pussy....straight chillin not posted up on 12oz allllllllllll day found this thing caLLed a life..ya dig glad it happend like it did.....id rather focuse on paper/pussy then climb up trees and roofs to write sum shit thats gna get buffed with in the week besides its kinda loud.....................unless im drunk
  2. Re: DEF THREATS!!! man yano that freight is so fuckin sick dog. thats tite u got kicked down with the def threats crew.cley says wussup. holla at me bro. -caper
  3. yall r such fags i post who writes this shit every time and it aint groe that fools not even in texas.... -caper, raping ur moms and little sisters....ya if u think im bullshitn about pullin some paint runs..ask the niggas that r the most up in the city and they'll "teeeellllll u sooomethennn goooood. i bet none of yall niggas ever busted a meanstreak tagging walkin down them stairs to get outta county..haha u fuckin pussyholes
  4. machine imm jack ur ass if i find out where ur stores at and sleepwalk imma take ur lean if i see ur punk ass...i bet u had to hit up a few pharmasist to bust that shit.....10$ for a 6 aint a bad deal but ur still a fag for postin that....oh ya and peyote u dont know shit about pullin the paint runs i have pulled....when u hit ur 1000 can mark holla, oh yea and its best to go in like 3 deep with text book tagger clothing on.....if u dont believe me ask a bird bitch or ur moms. and for the laws on this shit i know ur there so prove something u fuckin pieeeeeeeces of troll shit pig nastly dick s
  5. yea keli smoc thanks for gettin that next/jade realdeal billboard buffed off 45s....yall r fuckin pros...i mean damn they burned u the first time and moved on.....bk OG's dont even know when to hit the right spots yall musta been fucked up all scared and shit climbin up there...hahha...and for the rest of u ur snitches i seen that shit on the news today...and take that la tapatia shit off this thread take that shit back to county jail, maybe some vato with 3 dwi's a 30,000 bail and a handle bar mustache will feel that shit.
  6. bones happy to see some tite shit come from those cans...bump people who write shit on walls and dont call it graffiti...let me get off that bonder oner and imma have those cans cheap again...holla- caper 'actin foolish'
  7. for all u other faggets......imma dead u if i see u just like i did that essay at robo cop
  8. ya ok rebs ur a pussy and dont tag any more so u shouldnt get on here
  9. shut the fuck up u fags....u dont know where im up at bitch, how did u know i didnt slide threw town and crush it.....i was tagging when there was no bk and dts was dsr so if u dont no go back to the yard pussy scaaaaaaaaary ass nigga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u fagget peyote i havent been on this shit for like 6 months and i get on an ur still on this shit......i aint even a tagger dont claim to be, but i will bust tags....most of a fags r looking for and image like a punk or a goth or some shit....ill crush the city in a polo shirt and fuckin sandels with one can of flate black in one night and be the
  11. the point of painting is to get up and stay up u dump faggets with morals fuckin mormon painters...etch doesnt buff, ill fuckin throw that shit all over 11th street cafe and the mom and pop who run it if i feel like it, theres no rules to the shit...yall niggas must be new or live out side the loop or some shit if u aint ever seen me up... CAPER AF KWC AF
  12. Bhygavad talks to cops or is a fuckin cop same thing, its not hard to tell....stickin up for cops and shit....what do u write bro????????
  13. shut the fuck up r3der i was born in queens ny bitch so dont try and school me on spot.....u must be a new B.... homie, what does ur fagget ass even right neways?????????
  14. glad to see ur puttin that paint to good use abel/sords... yall niggas hit me up if u need more in the 24 pack rusto boxes for 25$-caper 'art fiends''''''''''''''''
  15. damn i love hearing gun shots erreee night....bump more gun shots and less new taggers
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