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  1. I would definitely agree as far as most writers ar concerned. the act of bombing or tagging or whatever has a quality of 'fuck you',and more than that graffiti is also a way to define yourself (kinda similar to battle rhyming- trying to find a similar example of what i mean by this)- the skill of the individual writer is usually what defines the piece But im talking about trying to seperate skill from the statement. The guy that said this is pushing a specific agenda eg free mumia: this could be, but not necesarily. To have a subject for a piece is not such a crazy idea eg memorial graffiti, or yes, political graff. I just mean using the 'act' to convey something: this could change from piece to piece, but after all writers use words, and words mean things That would be graffiti where the writer has started with an idea (political or whatever) and tried to work a piece around it. And yes that gets quite tired quite quickly because it is inherently formulaic. But to start with the graffiti and use it to express an idea, much as that might seem like the same thing, is in my eyes totally different. Tht can be fresh, interesting, and appeal to the reader on two levels- graffiti that makes you think. More than that, I don't see why doing this kind of graffiti prevents you from getting up. So long as it executed with skill and people respect it as graff, then why is it different to any other peice? to describe that as "artfag bullshit" is just narrow minded. I don't necesarily love this kind of graff, but I think it is an interesting direction to push PS who the fuck are you to tell me I don't understand graffiti? Ive been writing since I was 10, and I understand the concept of getting up perfectly (and yes it is a concept)
  2. justo be crystal clear: I have no problem with KR or KRink Its just not what I was talking about
  3. don't know NEWA, see above post
  4. The point that I was TRYING to make was just that I think describing KRink as a 'concept' totally misses the point of what I meant (no offence) I am actually talking about a group of people I know who don't really consider themselves 'writers' but more traditional artists, but they paint on walls. They (3 of them) do stuff together, kinda surrealist type stuff, usually with no written content. To start talking about graffiti was just confusing
  5. Hahaha you obviously have no fucking clue about my parents. That post was full of shit, and i thought about removing it, but dont say shit like that
  6. well said. how the fuck that quote work? Ihate the internet
  7. KRink is definitely clever, but I think it kind of defeats the point. Graffitti by its nature is meant to be sorta freeform, and selling people your custom ink is (in my opinion) just like licensing people to use your style. Better to tell people how to make the shit, and let them individualise it
  8. I dont even live in the city bitch! I win this thread :king:
  9. 1tour de france- Kraftwerk (original vinyl cost me a tenner, listened to twice, never even spun it, found it last week, listened to almost nonstop) 2Fear of a Black planet 3add n to (X)-Avant hard (only got this on mp3-does that count?) Since I left You- AMAzing album, wish i owned that
  10. fuck me nobody post much at moment. isi night in america or summin?
  11. yes indeed got a bit vehement there but i really dont like them- They capitalize on peoples shitty living conditions and underfunded council houses and stir up hatred and division,thereby distracting people frm the real issues in their lives and are basically futile hate-filled little monsters that hold back the progress of humanity, to put it lightly. Really i shouldn't bother stating the obvious and just ignore them, but that interview really got me wound up
  12. OK then. What I mean by 'Concpt writers' are those who deal with a deeper theme, one that unites all their pieces, tag names etc. What comes first, eye candy or brain food ( ;) )? Are these artists highbrow or lowbrow, or just plkain fucking pretentious? Be clear I do not mean so called'Graffiti' writers who use art school training and one watch of wildstyle to appropriate an entire culture and do pieces on canvas to display in galleries (see McKenzie Galleries in St andrews for some truly shocking examples, not that any of you will live anywhere near sta's) I do in fact mean thoses who use grafitti as an expressive tool to convey serious points of view Tell me if ive babbled a whole load of shit, i find it difficult to tell sometimes
  13. Watchin channel 4 news: "You call it racism, I call it 'Racial nationalism" -John Tyndall, BNP founder How can these slimy racist cunts still exist in 21st century?
  14. Aright this thread is well dead but i fukn HAVE to have my say. Banksy may or may not be graff, really i think thats just semantics. What I have to say is that he has done some crazy boundary pushing. He is a all about quasi-anarchistic subversive type shit, and as such subverts graffitti itself. (For example see his 'Graffitti sculptures'- eg Rodin's 'the thinker' cast in bronze including drunk's traffic cone on the head and dropped in a public place like a graff piece, or framed paintings plus stencil additions, again hung in public spaces) He freely admits he stencils cuz hes shit at pieces, but who can complain when he does such different and creative shit One last word, he may have been adopted by Nathan Barley-style wankers and hence absorbed into the establishment, but that aint his fault. He is constantly inventing new shit. and soon will surpass the publicitysoaked wankfest many people seem to see him as now God i sound like a proper fuckin pretentious basterd. Just enjoy banksys work and dont bother trying to box him into categories, cuz it dun work
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