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  1. this is for cuba st. message me on myspace http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fusea...iendid=15615580 i hear you want to contact my boy sestoe. we can arrange whatever youd like. sorry to bring my business in front of everyone but the pm shit dont work
  2. ran out of so cal. that shits funny as fuck , considering i was just there last week. people forgot about what? nobody ran anybody out of anywhere. its easy to talk shit on the net or cap someones freights when they arent around, so keep doing whats easy. let me know if you ever want to man up and handle shit on the real. meanwhile ill be puttin in work.
  3. that yards well known and burnt already anyways, i aint trippin
  4. yeah fuck meser , hes a toy. he doesnt get up at all. hes not up in frisco one bit .....pshh.....pleeeeeaaaase
  5. you put it in your eyes and wait
  6. fuckin shit wont let me post them big for some reason.....i tried changing the size and the resolution.hopefully this one comes out bigger
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