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  1. i apollogize for the shit picture
  2. skirm is that a dalek sticker next to your face? didnt think he did much other then buisness shit now
  3. and by the way, those mazars are fresh, every single one of them
  4. nothing to do when its drizzling outside during spring break
  5. not really from virginia but theres no dc thread anymore, just a simple, gotta love spring break, lots of time to get back into the books
  6. i just wanted to read about weed, is that so wrong? :confused:
  7. sorry about the size, just realized how big they are :rolleyes:
  8. just getting into this photography thing, any help or comments are greatly appreciated.
  9. ok. so i bought some red rusto bucket paint, and i tried mixing it with paint thinner, to make it more liquidy, but all that happened when they were mixed was the paint thinner stayed on top of the paint and didnt mix, any help on what will combine better with the paint to make it more liquidy? Thanks
  10. ive brought paint on a plane before, didnt have any problems, i wrapped it in a bag just in case it exploded, but im pretty sure its ok
  11. i brought this guy for a while, he scared the shit out of people, but as you can see he doesnt do too much good anymore :bawling: ooooo i miss you greggory c. possumton, may you rest in a single piece
  12. the packing top over the top doesnt stop the ink from running after it gets wet, sorry to bust your bubble
  13. Can anyone give me an idea of how to draw with light? I've tried so many times but I can't draw long lines. Might just be my shit camera though. Quoted post [/b] same here shirkone, everytime i try the lines come out too short, suggestions and help please
  14. im pretty sure your gonna catch alot of heat for this one
  15. thats cool, you got any recent flicks of his shit? i only saw anok tags and they were fresh, so im asuming he has painting skills as well
  16. why thank you dc stlyes for the advice. my advice is swallow your fucking toungue becuase this isnt art dumbass its graffiti, graffiti is vandalism and i do what i need to so worry about yourself. work on your shit cause im done here. have a nice day
  17. hey ohio people, is there a writer named anok who writes there? just saw a tag in the washington dc area saying hes from ohio, who knows
  18. ^^ thank you dr. pepper. back to the basics!
  19. yo e-thug, its simple as this, you cant paint or draw, learn to at least do a decent throw up then come see me, im done though, i dont need this pointless shit, just stop acting like a bitch and go out and paint.
  20. first off stop starting new threads saying "new to this, need help" or "please help" its a fuckin gift this thread isnt closed by now. And second of all, your talking about doing daim shit? come on man you need to start with straight letters becuase your painted stuff needs lots of work. So go out and paint this sketch and post it and see how it looks.
  21. first of all dcstyles, your shit is wack and that throw up you did looked worse then the diarhea i had after eating mexican food for 3 weeks striaght. first off, stop trying to be tight and doing some shitty bubble letter on some guy's ramp and totally fucking up the entire ramp by your shit stain of a throwie you ass clown. get some legit shit then talk, until then keep biting and dick riding, fag. :clown2: :clown2:
  22. dcstyles, that Hokies is pretty dubious, that straight letter looks suspiciously too good for someone who painted this horrible shit only a few weeks before. Busted? please make some pitiful attempt at explaining how you either bit the letters or go someone decent to do that for you. ;)
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