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  1. Yes its sad, i guess it is the '' logic graffiti evolution''. I remember this Dominican guy was painting good at that time. But calling him a pioneer is exagerating a little bit, he was writing for a couple years only. No offence. Thanks for sharing the pic. ;)
  2. I think its dope, not the best, but dope. Probably better than yours anyways.
  3. Yes boy, all my favorite are there!:scrambled:
  4. absolutely not, just lettin' you know ;)
  5. I definitely took this pic 4 years ago in Lisboa (graff paradise) Portugal!
  6. Durs vient de m'enlever le dernier throwup qui me restait en ville :o
  7. Tu tap quoi toi??? check toi!!!
  8. :lol: C'mon, you already know that a true burner is made with both letters and effects you can do
  9. this JAKER freight is on point!
  10. this is already gone. My man PWEL run this hole!:)
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