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  1. 23rakim45


    Skate is the best game ever made IMHO.
  2. http://www.imperial.st The best jeans in the world right now bar none!
  3. Good?! He's a fucking professional! He gets paid to roll around on that ply, ya better recognise.
  4. 23rakim45


    I really want to play EA's "Skate". I've been a big fan of the more realistic skateboard games dating right back to "Thrasher: Skate & Destroy" back on the humble old PS1. There's just something more satisfying about nailing a kickflip backside tailslide down a rail after bailing so many times then doing some 1,000,000 point combo line on any Tony Hawk game, although "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2" had somewhat of a realistic feel compared to other games in the series. So anyway, who's getting "Guitar Hero III"?
  5. ^ Damn, thanks for the word of warning I guess. I'm sure someone would had to have gotten over at some point though.
  6. It's Bobby Steels. Also you forgot "Ruler Zig-Zag-Zig Allah", "The Abbott" and "Prince Rakeem". Anyway, my favourite lyrics off the top of my head: I gotta shotty by the toilet if you wanna shoot me when I'm shittin' - Notorious B.I.G.
  7. Great thread. A friend of mine is in Sau Paulo right now actually. Does the train sytem get painted much by the locals? BTW, working in the electrical industry, this is a very disturbing and dangerous site.
  8. Yep, he's come a long way alright...
  9. Yeah that's what I came in here expecting. Payer & co.
  10. Art fags have no idea. From Supertouch blog: NYC///WK INTERACT’S “BRING ME BACK” MURAL GETS BOMBED… October 10th, 2007 WK Interact installs his “Bring Me Back” Phase III on September 18th… We’ve been reporting on the progress of Supertouch blogger WK INTERACT’s politically charged “Bring Me Back” anti-war street campaign for the past several months now, and we’re sorry to say that his biggest and most recent installation (Phase III) on NYC’s Lower East Side has been covered, first by another writer, and then by the city. In the words of WK himself: NO WONDER INTELLIGENT PEOPLE CANNOT TAKE MOST SO-CALLED GRAFFITI SERIOUSLY: “Finally a piece appeared on the street that made viewers remember the fact that fellow human beings are being massacred by the thousands. I have tried to reach out for help on behalf of the men in arms with my recent “Bring Me Back” installations around Manhattan. It’s tragically unfortunate for them that other artists would rather self-promote than convey this important message. This is a classic example of why this war goes on.” —WK Interact FOUR WEEKS AGO: : WK’s “Bring Me Back” installation goes up ONE WEEK AGO: “Wyseneksi” takes over Copied and pasted straight from the site TODAY: All dead, all dead… I love how the artist thinks by the message he thinks he's conveying he can just cap anyone he sees fit. All well, Nekst taught him a lesson I hope.
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