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  1. I hope that wasn't referring to my request young chap...
  2. ^ You'll get over it man, but then again you won't too quickly by posting exploits like this on fuckin' 12oz Channel Zero. You were drunk, shit happens... *directed to Moe Lester*
  3. It's true. In Australia, to the younger set the c-bomb means nothing offensive at all. Even girls use it socially.
  4. This is interesting, but like the iPhone I ain't signing up to be a guinea pig for first generation tech.
  5. Bump for spotting Revs roller tags in the Stockholm subway tunnels!
  6. So has anyone ever done a no comply onto a hand rail before? Any footage? It seems to me like somethign Chris Haslam would have done already.
  7. 23rakim45


    Why don't y'all try and actually play basketball in a pair before you judge them so harshly...
  8. 23rakim45


    ^ Check out the 'retro' forum on NikeTalk, if they're dropping there will be a thread for them there. Otherwise you're shit out of lack Seppo.
  9. Of course, it's Blend, my bad. I can't delete posts or edit them either for that matter so I guess it's stuck there like the Silence piece from San Franciso a couple of pages back... :confused:
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