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  1. I can't edit my last post again so I'll close by saying ... "I love you SY6!"
  2. ^ This bloke's throwies are all over town 'round my way. Awesome to see him over there with y'all again!
  3. 23rakim45


    ^ One of the freshest releases for '06, looks like you got that pic from an Australian site too! These are my latest:
  4. One time I was set upon by a concerned young woman who didn't take lightly to my vandalising of construction site property. The bitch tried to spit on me!
  5. I want a pair, but I doubt I'll ever get around to affording it unfortunately.
  6. 23rakim45

    Dunks For Trade!

    Misteraven, I'll trade you my NDS true red Dunk SBs for your Surpreme Dunks, hehe!
  7. 23rakim45


    Yeah well I own these : You can hate me now.
  8. 23rakim45


    They're Air Jordans you git! Quoted post jordan i's are real jordans iii-ix's are real jordans those might be CALLEd jordans, but they look more like k-swiss chump shoes with cement print that a real pair of air jodans. no love. Quoted post Well at least you give respect to models I and III-IX, I can diggit then. No love for IIs?
  9. 23rakim45


    ^ Kicks are like $US300 for some colourways. BAPE
  10. 23rakim45


    They're Air Jordans you git!
  11. I just joined. I snapped these today. There is a lot of DTS in the recent Masters of Crime DVD, I don't think it had much distribution outside of Brisbane, Australia though. Other then that there's the Daily Operation VHS from years back, that'd be just about impossible to track down now unless you knew somebody who owned it. :$:
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