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  1. yheah i saw some handstyles..couldnt read em in that short amout of time,,,but it was at the overpass where the old mest and adecs were..with the razor spot jock..didnt look bad
  2. ya i no1!!! they eveen boofed razorrr!!!
  3. wase

    Spray Paint

    anyone been usin that kilz colored shit...i forget what its called but they look like shampoo bottles.
  4. wase

    Uk Freights

    woah check the heist handstyle...
  5. yeah thats true about Getting Up, too. best not to worry about it, keep doing your thing, i guess. although u cant help but kinda be pissy about it. er at least i cant.
  6. wase

    Ohio Valley

    i dunno dude....meero is a king dude..straight up..better not talk shit or hell have all his crews beating at ur door the next day..then theyll go over all ur shit..then ull get herpes...cause he used ur toothbrush..
  7. i rack my pancakes and eat my paint
  8. YourSistersAssCookie is a good one to write. especially when your bombing shit where u should be gone in 5 seconds.
  9. I can see clearly now, the rain is gone, I can see all obstacles in my way Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind It’s gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright) Sun-Shiny day. yeee mayne
  10. dope. did everyone go out of town?
  11. i think that picture pretty much is as dope as any piece ever painted...that dudes got style
  12. done..i think...all the flicks pretty much suck
  13. chattanooga is a nice place.. :love2: more..
  14. wase

    Parents and YOU

    yeah its funny...but i dont drive or anything so ill just tell my parents im painting a wall or somethin and someone will pick me up..i can still paint freights.. i could just be painting a lot more if theyd let me
  15. wase

    Parents and YOU

    i really like painting freights...i can get away with it sometimtes...ive tried convincing my mommy to let me go.but shes like naw..she says i can paint illegal walls like bridges/ditches/other chill walls..but when i ask her why i cant paint freights she says its illegal...anyone got any ideas on what i should do..or am i basically fucked
  16. well from waht ive used..grey dots work really nice on krylon and montana/belton...they work on rusto but they tend to fuck up. for rusto i use either a german outline or a ny thin..ny thins dont clog as much so i use them more. as for fatcaps..ive used ny fats/rusto fats, orange dots and pink dots on krylon and they all worked fine. on rusto orange and pink dots dont work so well..i recommend using rusto fats and ny fats..im tired of typing now
  17. damn..getting locked in a boxcar..i cant even imagine...shit they should make emergency openers or wahtever on the inside...good thing he kept his cool and used his head..
  18. better paint before this good weather goes away :love2:
  19. someone went to chattanooooooooga
  20. the arsonist has oddly shaped feet
  21. i dunno but one of his was on fiyaaahhh..literally
  22. for the record..the UNIK(pink panthaa) SASYO BETOR and GNARS wall..is unfinished..
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