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  1. 2 dope new releases from ABB Records are both dropping on Oct 4th: Justus League founder Cesar Comanche's "Squirrel & The Aces" features production from 9th Wonder. preview it via this DJ Flash mixtape style podcast: Detroit's Big Tone drops "The Drought" Check out the Mixtape – Hosted by DJ Houseshoes *No advertising.
  2. of course we all know that the Source sucks, but its becoming kind of fun to see all their dirty laundry being aired out, and the publishers being exposed for what they really are in public. HipHopDX has a great read today - more tales of scandal this time told by a former editor. well worth the read... "People were literally holding hands under the table and both men and women exchanged tear-filled glances. I’ve even heard that there was an Uzi on the table. It was, they said, the worst staff meeting ever." Check the full story: Part 1; The Greatest Story Never Told http://www.hiphopdx.com/features/thesource_pt1.html Part 2; Benzino's Hostile Takeover http://www.hiphopdx.com/features/thesource_pt2.html Part 3; Mays, Benzino, and a Gun http://www.hiphopdx.com/features/thesource_pt3.html
  3. check it - new mp3s from forthcoming album True & Livin here: Bird's Eye View Luv album sounds like its gonna be hot...
  4. yeah this shit is crazy....that grouphug website always had me crackin' up and wierded out in equal parts....
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