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  1. word, i'm not 100% positive, but i think it's some local "writer" who decided to come up with a super-original character. robots, who would've ever thought? when i saw it i thought the same thing.
  2. AHOL, that is disgusting and awesome! word on the street is Ahol sniffs glue. anyhow, lookin good Mr. Kwerty, i gave one of your buttons to my homegirl who lives in philly, and i sport another on the track jacket haha.
  3. thanks Lord B, i'll be reciprocating in the near future
  4. outside philly, sorry in advance if it's not technically the right thread. if it makes a difference, this particular Sear lives in philly but is from my home town where these flicks were taken. and as i understand it reps his shit in philly. Sear-O The Hear-O
  5. nah, i wouldn't call that a bite. i think those are dope. and pills said it's all good. do your thing, fivedee
  6. you can submit a hard copy to stickerguy the rule of thumb for doing that is the bigger the better. they say that will increase the clarity of the image on the sticker.
  7. nice flicks, slowpoke. do you know who does that domino? one of those turned up in my town recently. also, those anime chicks are sweet
  8. Plasma Slug, Herr Fruhstuck, Pills, Slowpoke, & The Gesus/Pills Collab sorry for the quality on some of those, I had that camera for weeks and the flash was on the entire time. it wouldn't go off, every shot i took, the flash went off. i have no idea what was up with that, but some of them look a little weird because of it.
  9. Bob & Pills Gesus & Mr. Breakfast I don't know the name of whoever is doing the following, but I understand these have been spotted all over Pennsylvania, perhaps elsewhere as well. before after Milk Toast One of the ones Mr. Breakfast sent Mr. Breakfast & Pills
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