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  1. Good move on their part, Campbell is a solid back up. Too bad they couldn't pick up Marshall when he was on my fantasy football team last season. Giants resigned Terrell Thomas, thank god.
  2. You said yourself they want to rid the Middle east and replace them with a power of their liking, so is the difference really the fact that they don't want themselves to replace the current government and someone else who thinks the same way? I remember "strong points" that we had to take back all over Iraq and Afghanistan, so if they had held onto that territory would they now be the same? I don't see how much different these two groups of people are, just the groups of people they are at "war" with.
  3. GOW that is hilarious.
  4. Terrorism is the systematic use of terror, especially as a means of coercion. In the international community, however, terrorism has no universally agreed, legally binding, criminal law definition.[1][2] Common definitions of terrorism refer only to those violent acts which are intended to create fear (terror), are perpetrated for a religious, political or, ideological goal; and deliberately target or disregard the safety of non-combatants (civilians). Some definitions now include acts of unlawful violence and war. The use of similar tactics by criminal organizations for protection rackets or to enforce a code of silence is usually not labeled terrorism though these same actions may be labeled terrorism when done by a politically motivated group. That is wikipedia. Not saying wikipedia is fact but I think this is a good place to start at least for a basis at which to label such actions if you disagree, or would like to expand on this fine with me. Now from my opinion of what he does to keep his numbers and to incite fear in the population, I think he would fit into that label.
  5. http://www.prisonplanet.com/kony-2012-organization-exposed-as-lucrative-business-model.html I just want to point out that I never said that this organization was righteous, or the solution to these types of issue's. I was just attempting to point out that the idea of ending this kind of behavior is a good thing, and I support that. I was also just pointing out that Facebook is not as bad as cocaine and using it to spread awareness of idea's or event's makes sense. It makes more sense to use social media in this way, than to share what you've done during the day to all of your friends. Personally I use it to keep track of people's birthday's. This is "terrorism", so how can our war on terror be justified, if we are only going after terrorist's in specific area's? That are only harming certain groups of people? My track record of opinions on this forum should show what I am, and what I believe, you want to think I'm something else, go ahead.
  6. I was trying to point out our FP and how our "war on terror" is a ploy to make war in the middle east for all sorts of other reasons which have nothing to do with anything "terror" related. What this guy is doing is terrorism, it's not blowing up American citizens, or Israeli's but it is terrorism, if we are going around stopping this, why can't we get involved here? It's a fundamental question. I don't agree with fighting this terror problem all over the planet, but apparently our establishment is. Can you connect the dots now?
  7. How did they get to that level? Why did they defect from the Mexican army? When you have captured Drug Lords thanking the United States government for their drug policy, you have a problem.
  8. No, wrong. That's not what that meant, I'm talking about being more passionate about issues HERE. I am a Libertarian, stop calling me a Liberal, you fucking idiot. Keep your speeches to yourself, thx and goodnight.
  9. You took basically everything I said and took it somewhere where I wasn't going. I agree with most of what you said too. The point I was making is, if you are going to go around rebuilding nations, sending aide, and starting wars for the sake of "spreading democracy" and stopping terrorism, isn't this terrorism? Why not try to stop this. I clearly don't support U.S. intervention all over the world, If you read any of my posts I think you'd notice that. And of course liking a video on facebook isn't going to change anything, but that's not all of what he was asking you to do, but I don't care about his charity, or this conversation. So, continue railing it into the ground and demanding them to show how they use the money they are given to help capture Kony or drink expensive coffee. I wish people were that passionate about things that mattered here.
  10. How so? If you take away the black market for drug's, yes I'm sure criminals would fine other ways to make money, but you can't deny the black market for narcotics is a goldmine, and with out it, where is the motivation?
  11. Seriously? Can you post any kind of link to support this? Or how it makes any sense? Who are these economists and where do they work? Our "crisis" isn't over, who actually thinks this?
  12. Yes, facebook is the 2010 version of cocaine. Ask a family hit by the drug if they think that is even remotely close to being accurate. This guy was simply trying to grab attention to an issue. I agree liking a video on facebook isn't going to do anything, but passing on the information will. It creates awareness, it's something people try to do all the time with diseases and other charitable causes. To say that facebook isn't the perfect tool for this, because people use it for petty and useless reasons is kind of lame. To each his own, I agree 100% that the U.S. Military isn't a global police force, but since we are behaving like that anyway, why not actually do some good? How could you defend our involvement in other 3rd world nations to "spread democracy", but not to stop genocide, the mutilation and raping of children. Besides, they aren't sending troops over there to fight, and give up their lives, they are sending them over to train a force to do the job themselves.
  13. You should just take that back with a giant IH roller. All 3, done.
  14. I think he may end up within the division. Tennessee or the Texans.
  15. I was thinking it has to be him too, and you're right, if that does happen. Any drama that seemed to be fading is going to get brought right back.
  16. The voice of reason is gone, regardless to how annoying you thought he might have been. Don't know who's going to step up to fill that void... Angela? Glenn? Hershel? I got nothing.
  17. You must spread some Reputation around before giving it Fist666 again.
  18. If we're keeping score I'm pretty sure he said they were dissed already, and he was still alive at the time.
  19. Kind of shocked that they killed him off.
  20. Deron Williams is currently dropping bombs all over the Bobcats.
  21. In a round about way it's the same thing. It's just the perspective imo that is wrong. You say you want more regulation, but the bail out's were a result of that very same regulation. But that's the bad part, I assume you are referring to the regulation that occur's before the problem starts so there is no problem. However this line of thought failed there as well, which allowed the problem to take place. This has been argued before and I don't know why I'm even beginning to start this again. When Anonymous put out the message for all of this, they talked about corporate greed the bail outs, and corruption, yes, but to me they are all one and the same. Those things don't disappear in any system you'd like to create (minus the bailouts).
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