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  1. So you are now comparing day to day policing to combat in war? Haven't seen anything like that my entire life. Have you ever been to NY? And to your points, if a random gun fight were to break out at let's just say...the Ferry, on either side, Staten Island or Manhattan. How would Police walking around with MP-5's and other high powered assault rifles be any different from a regular citizen acting on his own with a hand gun in a high traffic area?
  2. "Governer Cuomo and Mayor Bloomberg said assault weapons are weapons of war and don't belong on the streets of America, if that's true why do the police need them? And who are they at war with?" Checkmate.
  3. The 20th and 21st centuries, not ancient history or medieval times. I wasn't suggesting that government vanish from the Earth. It should be rolled back and controlled though. Public education is horrible, which is a contributing factor. Defense spending is out of control. Follow the Constitution. That isn't what this thread is about though. You are naive and borderline delusional to think that those kinds of atrocities that were brought up can not happen in the United States, or where ever you currently lay your head.
  4. Also, I know this is Alex Jones, and perhaps not all of this is 100% accurate. Even if this is the case this is the point.
  5. You guys are ignoring what the problem is. Why are these people doing these things? This isn't something that has gone on in our society since the dawn of it. It is something that has started to occur only within the last 30 years, and as we get closer to the present it has happened more and more. Again, I want to point out the pharmaceutical industry, and these medications a large percentage of people are on, for various different reasons. Here is a great read, I am not done with it but it does she a lot of light onto this subject. http://www.amazon.com/Medication-Madness-Psychiatric-Violence-Suicide/dp/031256550X A large portion of these crimes are done by people whom are taking some form if medication. You could point to their illness, but that would just show how naive you are as far as psychiatric problems effect someone. Most people with disorders turn inward and are self destructive rather than lashing out and hurting others. I have worked in a hospital and can confirm this. I've also spent some time a psychiatric hospitals for seminars and training in other area's and workers in those places will repeat the same things I have just said to you. You could also acknowledge the fact that in most cases with these guns they have been obtained legally, so how would stretching these laws that you would like to see even further help limit the problem. Are we now going to charge and attempt to incriminate people for not locking up there guns the proper way? Are we going to pass laws that force police to go into people's homes who own weapons to insure that they are locked up? I do not agree with such policies and these would lead to further problems. Also scaring people away from psychiatric help if they need it, is not a good course of action. A few things to consider before you go banging the drum.
  6. Randy Moss had the talent to be the best ever, but he squandered the opportunity. Statistics aren't everything. Rice also had the advantage in having one of the best coaches and QB's of all time for a pretty large portion of his career. Moss in his prime...absolute beast.
  7. http://frontpagemag.com/2013/dgreenfield/father-of-sandy-hook-6-year-old-gun-laws-are-not-the-problem-personal-responsibility-is/ Link is of a victim's father of Sandy Hook talking about gun laws.
  8. Note to my future intoxicated self, if you're in a nightclub and pyrotechnics start going of, get the fuck out.
  9. http://www.lewrockwell.com/lewrockwell-show/2013/01/26/343-prozacked-nation/
  10. http://www.thenewamerican.com/usnews/constitution/item/14322-gun-owners-refuse-to-register-under-new-york-law
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=x2SlAPBVQYc#! http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=8Mnsjw1yoH0#! It isn't for hunting guys. Get it through your skulls.
  12. LOL! Legalize drugs, the gun violence will drop, gang violence will drop, you could use this absurd amount of money you are raising to help pay for improvements in education, healthcare and the infrastructure of each state. Oh and end the wars. Healthcare is another issue, and taxing ammunition would not be able to fill that gap.
  13. I agree with everything you just said, minus putting all the "loons" away, this opens the door for a lot of possible things. I would imagine a big increase in "mentally ill" and a lot of people going in for treatment. Lots of money in treatment these days, insurance companies love that. I'm sure the prison industrial complex would drool all over this. Let's make more contracts with the state to keep these "hospitals" at a certain capacity and have people that aren't even mentally ill going away. And if you happen to make "medicine" for any of these disorders, you could just sit back and count your $$$.
  14. A few things bugged me about the video. First the report of the 2nd gunman, or maybe even a third. 2nd, the picture of the little girl I forgot her name, but the Parker kid, also the way the father comes out and smiles like..."we going to start yet". Just seemed really odd to me. The medical examiner, he just came off as..an idiot. Also the fact that there seemed to be only 1 ambulance that responded, and it was blocked off and up the street. As someone in the field, especially because children are involved you would think that they would be pulling them out and bringing them to the hospital to confirm deaths, EMT's aren't supposed to pronounce someone dead, ya know unless like there head's off. Or they have been there for days. You would like to leave no doubt in the Parent's mind that their child could have been saved. Some of that footage may have come from later times, and although I find some of this interesting, I definitely believe it happened, and I certainly am not coming to the conclusion that the guy who made the video made, just a few things that bothered me. I also don't know all the details, so I'm not jumping on this bandwagon at all.
  15. I really wasn't going to bite on this, but....fuck it. The term "truther" is kind of crazy, and it lumps up any and everybody who thinks something MORE went on then what we know, and this encompasses a wide variety of beliefs from holograms being uses, missiles being fired and who knows what else. Because of this it allows for all people who want answers to being dismissed as some kind of lunatic. Let me ask you a question now, honestly how would you feel if the government came out and said that "Yeah, we didn't help the Saudi's take over those planes and fly them into those tower's, but we just let it happen". Is this any different at all from actually being involved? In any capacity? Because I don't think it is, and personally feel it's just as bad. It would also explain the illegal and unjustifiable wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the tarnishing of our civil rights for the passed 11 years. One thing is clear, the official report has holes in it. Those holes should be filled with undeniable answers. Video footage needs to be released that hasn't been, and the questions that real professionals that have brought up should be properly explained. Until this happens I can't imagine how even the most stark government supporter could even brush this off as if it's alright.
  16. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=96d_CzrfxsM#! Cornell West talking about some of the things I was earlier, and a lot more.
  17. Not the USA but on topic, kind of. http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/01/21/3192629_p2/in-mexico-self-defense-squads.html
  18. Bloomberg is a big problem. I don't even know how he got elected for hits 3rd term. Almost everyone I deal with hates the man. So much for term limits. I've also heard rumors (probably bs) that Obama or his camp has started those rumblings as well. My whole thing is this, you or anyone has a problem with something fine, don't take part. Don't try to take my rights away from me. Again, always appreciate the conversation. :cool:
  19. No, but there is also more than one of them at any given time. The AR15 isn't even the problem, most of these shootings are done w/ handguns. I haven't been paying that close attention to the Federal gun restrictions that they are trying to pass, but again here in NY they are going at all kinds of fire arms, since this is probably one of the best chances that they are going to get regarding people's emotions, and even with that being said a very small portion of people even signed those petitions to get those laws passed. They are going to go through regardless though, they want us disarmed, and it isn't to stop mass shootings. Cue tin foil hat accusations.
  20. I love the out right denial of socialist policies, that ARE socialist policies. As far as the armed guards thing, I don't get why it's such a big deal. You wouldn't need an army. You already have school security. Where I went to school in NYC the NYPD were all over the place every day controlling the outside, when school was over and picking kids up who were cutting class while school was in session. There are also metal detectors and on random days they would search school bags. Now I don't agree with all of that but that is what was done at the school I went too. We still had a shooting outside (gang related) after a talent show. There is no real clear cut solution that would keep students 100% safe from hand to hand violence, someone bringing in some kind of blade, or a gun. The argument about Obama having secret service is just to point out that people should have the same right that he does. Clearly every person in america can't afford security detail 24/7 so let them have there guns. You could either not get the point or take it out of context, it's what most people do.
  21. Saying the taking away of guns all together can't happen is false. Under law, they probably won't have the authority to take guns away from people who already have owned them, however under the right circumstance, these laws go out the window. I am not paranoid or delusional. Perhaps that day will never come, I sure hope it doesn't. There are enough examples of these things happening within the last 100 years in other area's of the world to assume that it is possible and could happen here. The comparison to drinking in public and gun control is apples and oranges, which I already stated due to the severity of the issue's and the risks's involved. The increasing of laws, and the further stripping of rights, down the road is not an apples and oranges comparison, it has happened in many different area's in a wide variety of issue's. I'm sorry if you don't agree, but I won't call you delusional because of it.
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