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  1. yanoe,elmer,chub. bump those strats! good too see another guy put down in wah. luv that little sway on that store front makes me giggle, slider needs to finish that piece next to eufoe. drove by one day saw all the WAH dudes out there painting that building, its good too see a local crew that don't bite off one another. There seems to be a lot of recycled styles in this city.

    not even trying to dick ride wah... by far one of the hottest crews in the D. only a handful of dope outta towners coming through.


    also feelin that stori throw

  2. to HAELER. if there's any specific reason why my proper straight letter was gone over? id like to know? I'm guessing you just don't care and that's totally fine, I'm great at playing that game too. Im a real ass writer and a very dedicated one also, and respect where respect is do. you wouldn't catch me going to a city im not from and disrespecting a person like me, I haven't made my move yet on that spot because I've been deciding if I should make a big deal out of it or not, and realized I just wouldn't be myself if I didn't. that spot will be taken back with a throwie. I don't run with crews who are given free paint, I'm out here doing shit the old fashion way. real Detroit writer till the day I die.



    I met hael before im actually surprised that move was made on his part. either way good guy. on your part coming on here about a bomb that was gone over is pointless. your probably right, I doubt he cares although everyone should respect a city there new too. there's a lot of people out here that have mad respect for you wacko trust me, I cant imagine hael would do that on purpose. im sure its nothing a pm cant solve. :cool: :cool: bump Detroit graffiti and bump dsd's post

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