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  1. That's why you shouldn't force yourself ontop of her. I'm not saying to yank her clothes off while she least expects it, I'm just saying get her into the mood where she's more likely to give it up. Getting her in the mood and forcing urself are two different things
  2. I don't see how my advice is that bad. Its not to fucking rape her. But I was in the exact situation. I was head over heels over that chick and I didn't want to just bounce and tell her why. I would have much rather waited cuz I wasn't gonna leave just like that. But if the girl knows she's got a loyal boyfriend, she's gonna drag on that virginity thing for a long ass time. Trust me, I was so madly in love with my girlfriend that I would have waited YEARS. And even after bridging the gap, we still stayed together for 2 years...
  3. Meh, I was under the same thing Tails. Its all about the coaxing her out of it. I mean when I was 16, I had sex with my first serious girlfriend while she was 15. And she was ALL about waiting. Like she would grind on my dick but then when it came to actually having sex, she wasn't havin that... What you have to do is push it. DON"T FORCE IT. Next time ya start gettin hot and heavy on ur bed or something, just go into it like ur gonna fuck, like ur on a mission and ur not gonna stop until u get some. And start takin off her clothes. If she denies you, just act like she didn't say anything. When girls are in dat situation, they're horny as fuck and its mad easy to just get ur way. Make sure she's mad horny n sexual. Even the queens of virgins get horny. That's when you go in to swoop. If she just stops you straight in ur tracks, then try again the next day. Dun worry about it dude, ur only 17, u should honestly be goin out there checkin out mad girls, but whatever, some people fall for love. I did, but then I learned my lesson =]
  4. Anybody else miss old school cartoons? I can watch those things non stop now, but put me infront of the bullshit lil kids watch these days and I'll just kill myself
  5. No lie, my mom has one of those feet cheese graters. I mean I don't blame her, my mom is from old country and she spent the majority of her life being a farmer. So I imagine that did some work on her feet.
  6. Yea, do people seriously celebrate that? I've got the most afro-centric black friends and not a single one of them celebrates Kwanza
  7. PaintSmith

    Head On!

    I'm sorry but I can't help but get confused by the schematics of this deal. After buying said product do I apply directly to the ?
  8. read the story on IGN and their headline is "Jailbait Spears Pregnant: All that money, and they can't buy condoms?" XD
  9. she said straight up lesbian? Not bi? Cuz if it was bi, that'd be awesome for threesome...Lesbian thing not so much =/ Another embarrasing thing relating to sex. The first time I ever had sex I didn't use a condom. And right when I felt like I had to cum, i pushed her off, but as soon as I did, I just busted my load all over her bed (I mean on some firehose status). I go to the bathroom and come back to see her naked on her knees cleanin up my kids with some paper towels... Another story, but not so embarrassing. Same girl, and we were fuckin normally, till half way through she totally queefing. I couldn't help but laugh uncontrollably cuz it kinda came out of nowhere and it was my first time ever hearin it... Don't think I have more embarrassing sex stories =/
  10. Not gonna front, on a few occasions, I've cummed waaaay to early. Once I came mad quick and my girl dead ass told me "That's it?" Crazy embarrassing
  11. No joke, I do this all the time. Alotta times, if I know someone's waitin for me outside the bathroom, i'll let the water run for like 10 seconds to make them think I washed my hands...
  12. I wonder if those crazy Japanese people look at us and think we're wierd.... But seriously though, I was thinkin bout goin to japan this coming summer. How's the language barrier? Like do alotta people know english? Or will I have to learn Japanese to survive?
  13. That shit is kinda funny and kinda scary at the same time...Especially at the end when they zoom into his face...serious shit
  14. Re: ANIMATED GIF HALL OF FAME SUPERTHREAD I always thought that part was hilarious whenever I saw that video. Makes that face for no reason and he looks od lost
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