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  1. hoopala


    ak47 doin the balto...go aker dfm!!! bump coma, nore!
  2. hoopala


    :king: bump aker. ak47 killin the bay right now dc baby, bump the repae!
  3. hoopala

    Wash DC

    on the contrary...as much as it sucks...they do get fame, thats because they are painting when many sit on thier computer or chill in the shadows, i hear a lot of bitching, such as: "coma is a toy" - very true, but, he has ups, until someone else kings this guy, keep it shut. go paint and take your spots back, otherwise just lay the fuck down. and beleive you me, i would love nothing more than to walk down any back alley and be able to tell this nigga has competition. rezist bites, rezist this, rezist that" - shut the fuck up, the nigga paid his dues, and the shit he puts up on walls(and i say this as a photographer, i gave this shit up long ago) is a HELL of a lot nicer to look at than the shit posted by those who diss him. there are countless other gripes i hear mother fuckers come on here and say, yeahright..this is not directed at you, this is to the many many little bitches who come on here and whine instead of doing something about shit, get out from under bridges, go blow the streets up, half of you who sit in your moms bedroom, prowling 12oz, and diss shit are pitifull, you are a disgrace to the city's history. this is not a dead scene, its just in a low slump. there is a problem...i will explain: GRAFFITI IS NOT HIP HOP!!! i said it thats right...its part of the culture. but this is not some mtv shit, half of you doushe bags, think this is some von dutch orgy of colors, get...the....fuck....back...home. this is street kid shit, not meant for the soft. if you are not willing to accept fighting, running from cops, and more fighting as a way of your youth, then stick to legals and don't be surprised when they get dissed, gutter shit niggas have the right to diss that shit cause THEY are keeping this thing allive, not some bitch behind a sams club with brushes and cans compliments of mommy and daddy. get your mother fucking game up now, i've been wanting to post this shit for a loooong time, i have hesitated because i am supposed to be an observer not a participant, that is my roll, i recognize it, just like some of you need to recognize a pistol whip. jesus fucking christ get off coma, rezist, ecos nuts and go prove to the walls that you deserve this shit. its pretty sad that i don't even write yet i am in the streets more than half the cunts on here. you should be outdoing me, not the other way around, you should over fucking whelm me to the point where i say..."fuck this, im too tired" and until that day comes, i will still be in every back alley from southside arlington to silver spring, documenting and hoping. out 1 PS if you do see me in the streets, and think "yoooo brooo, lets get his cameraaaa", i will gat whip you and brick fuck your face till i own your teeth just like the last pussies who tried it...1 PSS..on a lighter note..if you see some shit you like and have a gmail account, PM me and i will send the big file. Quoted post [/b] ----------------- coma and nore killed dc-------------------------------------- --------------------------aker and ecos pioneeded many spots----------------------------- ------------------------alot of cool stuff happened in dc before all this that will never happen again there------------------------------ -----------------------------rezist is a gay fag thatn has paid no dues, gets no respect and should learn how to do a throw up------------------------------ ---------------------all u new kids should respect thje people who have killed dc and only them----------------------the rest of u need to get to work-------------------------- -----------------pieces are for fags, my advice is go learn how to do tight fillins and straight letters then u can compete----------------any one can do a gay ass piece-------------------------- -----------------p.s. i love all of you....even atb....cute..-----------------------------
  4. i would fuckin rip those toys in half if i had painted that mural. people need to have some respect. i mean a few tags on it dont make much of a difference, but when your doing nasty throwups over peoples faces on a mural with underlying tones of unity and peace - thats when i think its gone too far. looks like a lot of people are gonna get their asses beat in the near future. Quoted post The main thing is that throw-up sucks. I am ashamed of you and you Thizz for even flicking that garbage. Quoted post [/b] ---------------Fuck that mural that throwy is sick! better than a buncha crappy tags. --------------------san francisco has the softest graffiti scene ever! fuckin hippies!
  5. all that mural business is kinda funny cuz i just saw that masonic mural capped out by ak47 today..guys goin for it.
  6. look at the before and after of that mural, it had tags allllllll oooovvveeerrr iiiiittttt!!!!!!!! it was only a matter of time before someone stepped up the game and did a fillin over it. don't go hatin on dfm because their out doin their thing. if the guy who painted that mural really cared he would have fixed it when it had tags all over it!
  7. hoopala

    Wash DC

    yo, the aker from dc is crushin frisco right now. does anyone have any flics of his dc stuff?
  8. gusto u r a homo, no one cres about who u like and dont like, be that as it may u are a bfag. stop posting the same five throwies u didb in ny, your a gay,
  9. your a fag and should be killed.don't write graffiti. go to art school and tell your friends u used to!
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