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  1. MAGS156

    Anti-abortion law

    The whole abortion thing is bullshit! The reason being: because if I shoot and kill a pregnant woman I’m charged with a double homicide, but if my girl goes to get an abortion it's all cool. Without a definitive answer on when life begins, (at conception, first trimester etc.) there can be no solid groung to argue a point on!
  2. :haha: don't evan have to read this thred any further :haha: waaaaaaaaaaaaa he stole my elbo pads waaaaaaaaaa :haha:
  3. Ians Ink Emporium down on 33rd & 3rd right next to Elliots Ink Shack, it's down in the ink district
  4. MAGS156


    check mate I didn't know they used 6 sided die in D&D , I think someone is hiding there cloak under there bunk bed and you didn't deny the billy ocean reference
  5. MAGS156


    nerds who play D&D dont listen to Maden you Quear get your shit straight and tern down your billy ocean garbage !!
  6. but what is the goal , or is it just a way to spend time?
  7. 4 words--Craigs List Gay Personal
  8. yea it,s a 52 or 3 Merc thats been choped up , they look better in flat colors I think aswell
  9. cobra, dopest car ever in that movie
  10. <!--QuoteBegin-Mainter@Feb 10 2006, 09:43 PM Quoted post It is made of fiber glass come on. Quoted post [/b] is that a hypnotoad
  11. post that on craigs list for the benifit of everyone
  12. aaaahahahah he said burnings on a freighter
  13. yea fuckin week they should have never done that :hatred: looks like a methed up vincent price
  14. ahahahahaha are they talkin about the tits :haha:
  15. deal, but he gots to spit on the end first :shook:
  16. the fish, from a book when I was a kid havent seen it in a long time , not saying anyone is biting it's hot , just wondering if that was what it was from? I googled it no pics though too old
  17. getting ass raped wile a guard watches dose not count as a 3 way
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