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Everything posted by ThomYorke

  1. Dabs is the truth... I V P Four Pillar Association
  2. flickr is fucking up on me
  3. go to Ximen in Taipei... find America Street... go to a store called Bad Kids on America Street...
  4. when? PM me....or better yet Flickr Mail me....
  5. I hate fuck'n secrets. I remember when I was a kid that girls loved to keep secrets.
  6. blast from the recent past post....
  7. those aren't hookers. it's one of many girls selling beetlenut. Beetlenut is like asian chewing tobacco. Chewing this shit makes your mouth red, gets you feeling hyphy, and makes you feel warm. Goes great with beer, and cigarettes. Workers chew it to give then energy. Chewing it for too long will make all your teeth fall out. thanx for your bump bump you for the PI Frisco Love
  8. ^^^^ tag teaming the wall ^^^^
  9. How the fuck any of you mistake this for GEO? I know all of you seen his throwie a million times. On the internet, in magazines, etc. Get your shit straight before posting.... dumb fucks.
  10. Nah, you hater, that was me. I cry publicly all damn day. No shame in my crying game. Yeeeeeeee!!
  11. seen some cutty EU fills the other day, didn't get a flick cause it's been raining for 3 weeks straight with no chaser. my cousin Wanger
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