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  1. oh and im not saying that we should stop bombing i was just stating what it seems like has been goin on
  2. theres many different aspects of graffiti, our city gets buffed all day and not enough people are painting a lot in the city for them to "give up" or slow down the buff so in baltimore it seems to have rooted out to painting trains, wall spots and stickers..im not saying people dont bomb or throw up a lotta handstyles but our strongest aspect seems to be peicing wether it be trains or walls...or the new sticker shit comin up. i see it all as an adaptation
  3. that eko peice is fiya bump all that jase
  4. i always liked the "faster than a natural disaster" super peice, i think it was 97 or 98 too
  5. the best wall is on east biddle but thats a night spot
  6. yo colorfullterrorism get at me
  7. post a flick of that vandel pose
  8. whats the joint to the left of amen
  9. those dead animals are serious
  10. yo derk get at me man...
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