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Everything posted by StormReturns

  1. coma went over the dyer rooftop on north avenue
  2. those of you who live in bmore or any other strict county know that it is nearly impossible to paint in the county. Peopl with tips or anything on when to go out to paint or even do a few handstlyes...........lets hear em
  3. hard to see....its my first ever
  4. twine njin3 sorry bout that i used the wrong links
  5. i dont care tho im just sayin...
  6. dr pepper stole that dyer rooftop flick from me.
  7. yo i was at the recher theatre tonight and i saw some arek handstyles.
  8. that blue thus is HOT HOT HOT
  9. stolen...http://www.baltimoreburners.com FREE APES
  10. get the kepo one next to it
  11. please do hit up towson no one gets up there much not with paint at least
  12. anyone know who this is? it was caught in curtis bay
  13. that thus looks awesome..do you have a flik of the finished peice. emos-bomb towson again
  14. uglys handstyle is awesome
  15. its like my first peice with paint its on plywood in my yard...any suggestions or whatnot
  16. well im just saying its people ive never even seen in bmore
  17. whose the one under tre and whose the one under thus
  18. are you all makin a video...if so il definatley wana buy it anyone have any HEYOU flix?
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