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Everything posted by StormReturns

  1. are these guys from bmore
  2. hell yeah finally some street stuff.
  3. sowebo flix anyone? ill have some soon
  4. did anyone get pics from today. ...some real nice shit
  5. umm ghost you owe me a sharpie. you said i could take something off your tabel if you didnt return it but i didnt.
  6. well im still working on it....
  7. tell me what u think...............
  8. still workin on it..tell me what u think so far
  9. are you talking about the purple tag in my post? Quoted post cmon man. no. Quoted post [/b] iight cuz im pretty sure he used to write with dave. he doesnt write anymore tho but dave did some peices in his peircing saloon
  10. are you talking about the purple tag in my post?
  11. iight il see you there, thanks for posting in my threads.....i try..
  12. canvas i did and another
  13. lol damn ill just post these on the other thread
  14. This is for all u baltimorianns. SoWeBo Art festival is comin up sunday may 29th.
  15. i think this is gone now ....
  16. apes dyer gas scan mt washington and seminary park
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