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Everything posted by StormReturns

  1. whered u get that ups shipping sticker wise one? was it free?
  2. yeh. that shits in towson too... :haha:
  3. whos right before kepo on that wall?
  4. yo gost pm me ur number or somethin cuz i wana trade some shit
  5. oh nevermind....sick ride and gost peices
  6. post the rest of that wall reyed
  7. maca1. do you want to battle me for throwups on vandalsquad. i dont have a camera or scanner...someone else pick the word
  8. yeh thats what i was talking about ill get flix soon its from 96
  9. yo herm i got a flick of another HARMCITY peice by dave and arun ill post it up soon.
  10. bump for that gost bump for the kepo throwie
  11. :shook: daamnn.... :huh2:
  12. did anyone ever get flicks of the twine peice under the bridge along the lightrail/83 ?
  13. nice kepo handstyle nice ab throwie
  14. thanks for the sticker... :haha:
  15. can you explaing the significance of the photo with the yellow rectangle.
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