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  1. shit i dont want those cameras and shit...hopefully these "zones" will only be in the yards.....
  2. yo albert u get the flicks?
  3. are they doin the csx line security in bmore also??
  4. fuckin awesome ride and gost..
  5. that ject throw is sick.
  6. StormReturns

    Spray Paint

    whats the best cheap paint to use for fillins
  7. yo hot boy, hermdog is a fuckin king, graff wouldnt be shit in bmore if it werent for him. so you do your thing and hell do his.the reason your at 12oz is to look at flix, which he contributes to....but im not about beef . just wanted to say what i think.
  8. anyone know where to get the art of storytelling besides online?? albertvon..pm me or call when u get back in
  9. :rolleyes: just tryin to do my thing...u gotta start somewhere
  10. saw those red 83 throwups^^
  11. yeh those shoes are sick
  12. do you have a pic of the joce on that light rail?
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