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Everything posted by StormReturns

  1. nice post ROB... bump for action shots
  2. less chitty chat its like a soap opera
  3. its a shame that wall is messed up^^^ nice peices anyways
  4. yo reyed your pm box is full i cant pm you back
  5. yo mad sater...holla son son son son
  6. by the way i wasnt implying dave bit that at all i dont think anyone but anything to be honest..
  7. im gunna say who and ks cuz they get ups in the city and are nice at peicing...like some writers just bomb and some writers jsut peice and some jsut do handstyles...they get a little bit of everything in there
  8. looks similar an older dave train posted a while back...just because of the faces...
  9. http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b97/bawlmore/DSC04272.jpg yo sat n gosssst when u see this pm me or somethin...
  10. this is stupid... i'm really terrible at graffiti, just wanted to clear that up for all of you. i hope my terrible graffiti makes you puke all over your new jordans. ...Terrible Art Klique i like this phono....bump
  11. ksime taken from maryland/dc thread
  12. tryin to keep the thread alive...
  13. stolen from bmorerailfans
  14. satman hit me up :twitch:
  15. damn that dave is tough :king:
  16. <!--QuoteBegin-angelofdeath@Jul 27 2005, 06:48 AM for dude who asked...... Quoted post
  17. :hatred: i crave flicks
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