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  1. didnt buy them they are my friends old ones. cuz he got new ones...i was practicing get off my jock about it plus those were the first characters i ever did with prisma
  2. i couldnt have said it better myself. thank you tryin to tell me how to do my thing when u dont even know how to do yours :nope:
  3. ive never seen anything like that so i dont like it :bawling: waah at least give me a different reason for not liking that. thats got to be the most pathedic thing ive ever heard.
  4. spye arab! :burn: i gots to get mine you gots to get yours all these old photos are makin me hot :love2: ;)
  5. just another throw back. next to it
  6. Congratulations man good luck keep benchin
  7. "u can suck me for a long time ...OH MY GOD" haha
  8. likin the mr peanut stuff flux and stroeRs straight letters gasp right on point transfering the drawign to the wall
  9. really likin the chillen character stickers
  10. yeh i just didnt feel like finding it. my b
  11. ya u can see a "FEL" in the upper right corner
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