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Everything posted by StormReturns

  1. how many times will that keep getting posted take those pics off here
  2. diamonds on my dead fingaaaaz di diamonds on my dead fingaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaz
  3. theres this gay graffiti movie called "the graffiti artist" i bought it not knowing how extremely homosexual it was but lucikly sound garden took it back....just warning all of you do not buy it... anyways you all should do a charlie and the chocolate factory wall.
  4. howabout marc ekos gettin up the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. nice eight is unstoppable. gost is unstoppable. crye is unstoppable. bigseth is unstoppable. KasteR is unstoppable. .......... the deadEST finger is unstoppable. closeups?
  6. dead finger is unstoppable
  7. better than a bunch of the same ol trains bein posted over and over..
  8. that ride sticker is in a perfect spot... ps..... http://projectebola.typepad.com/project_eb...s_getting_.html :shook:
  9. that heist is fiyaaaaaa
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