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Everything posted by StormReturns

  1. fuck yes later burner!
  2. damn that seir is fuckin slick
  3. bump all these new walls of 2010 its gonna be a progressive year for baltimore
  4. god damn, mear pieces are dope!
  5. bump that dotcom wall..shit is hot
  6. good looks on that outerboarder!
  7. that meta piece never gets old
  8. yo circus how u gonna post cedars face and tatts like that
  9. BA!!!!!! i like those old siek pieces
  10. zekoiz, mask, arek, rez, stab, kaos, dave, meta, erase, ever, shaken, jase, vandel, aron, jesse, car, kuzen!
  11. exale, tsek, yak! thats a hot car! -D.
  12. that clean train is ill! and NO that dyer an deja is further down the fence and pretty much all covered with brush
  13. yo colorfulT what u doin tonight?
  14. this got buried too quick
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