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  1. a little self promo :yuck: so what?
  2. paint paint holler aesopmosphere@yahoo.com
  3. its not the same ol shit
  4. paint paint i mailed you as well
  5. hell yeh twine trains twine derk jayes !!!!!!!!
  6. did you flick that ride train before you went over it?
  7. that alter color skeeeeeem is hawt kilz kills
  8. that is one dead fingaaaaaaa
  9. omen soer gost kaste kepoh eight Alter
  10. :haha: haha fuck you sleuth:yuck: :yuck: :yuck: :yuck: :yuck:
  11. what am i gettin all the shit for, did I go over you? im not claiming to be bettter than you and its no disrespect so i hope all this shit talking on a 16yr old makes you feel like a big man...
  12. havent seen dusk at that spot at all maybe once, ive talked to arek bout it dont worry about me, yeh i wanted to paint with you so what?that must make you feel big to talk down on a 16 year old
  13. correct me if im wrong but i dont even think you have a handstyle, and did you do any of those throwies?
  14. make me spaghetti nooooooodles :yuck:
  15. Two years ago, someone with the tag of "Fodder" was the predominant tagger on Harford Road. Before then, it was "Hamilton Joe," who always used white, teal and purple in his creations. "We used to see that 'Fodder' tag everywhere," Borman said.
  16. get off my jock homie it was rollin by thats they only one i snapped
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