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  1. please do post more later, SELLIN LIKE HOT CAKES good shit
  2. im feelin that new ER sypER
  3. now thats what im talkin about, some b-more shit
  4. aiight, i was just curious what ANGRY ORPHAN said...
  5. dusk, what you say before you edited your post with the question marks? why you always editing posts and shit?
  6. damn evels gotten mad nice
  7. Re: Don't Call it Frisco HARSH IS A FUCKIN KING
  9. And these again cause there firey
  10. haha IM FREEE o yeh about the oricl thing...I happened to be in the precinct last night and all i heard for 1 straight hour was...FIGHT ON LIBERTY AVE. FIGHT ON LIBERTY AVE. and some other stuff about it.:D :shakehead:
  11. ways oner first strike yehhh nice arabber n' xspyer shit derks letters are off da hook
  12. hell yeh nice to see WAYS
  13. haha thats what i was thinkin...OPX???
  14. seen some gost and eli along 695w...good shit
  15. the evel handstyle is fire
  16. if anyone has better pics please post em
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